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OpenBOM – Introducing Partners Program for Consulting and Online Services 

The world is rapidly changing these days towards remote work and online services. COVID19 is probably a black swan event for moving work online. Before starting OpenBOM, I realized that online consulting can really work. I offered PLM consulting service online and cut the big amount of cost-saving on airplanes, hotels, and travels. At OpenBOM,…

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I’m stuck at home. How to share Solidworks data with my team working remotely? 

Coronavirus pandemic created an unprecedented situation in the world when we are forced to work remotely. For many engineers and product development teams is a new world in which they need to figure out how to communicate with their colleagues and stay productive.  Tools like Zoom, Slack and many others are here to rescue you,…

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3 gaps to provide business solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies

PLM was born to provide a solution for large enterprise manufacturing companies. So, it was ERP – Enterprise Resouce Planning. The co-existence of PLM and ERP in manufacturing enterprises were always painful and demanded integrations. All these integrations are complex and expensive and required service contracts. The situation is pretty bad for both PLM and…

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OpenBOM Data Modeling Demo – Part 2

Today, I’d like to continue my articles about OpenBOM data management. In my previous article, I was converting reference-instance fundamentals. Please check it here.  You can check also OpenBOM Data Management fundamentals article, which speaks about three important elements of OpenBOM data management model: 1- Data management architecture  2- Reference-instance model 3- Parent-chield relationships  To…

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SaaS Integration – Onshape, OpenBOM, NetSuite

Integrations are critically important in manufacturing. After all, product development and manufacturing activities usually require multiple applications integrating together. In a traditional application space – desktop applications and enterprise applications, integrations are often complex and require significant efforts in developing services, using various APIs and data formats.  When it comes to cloud applications, integrations are…

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