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OpenBOM Seamless Engineering Integration With Any CAD Systems

Bill of Materials is the lifeblood of product development and manufacturing process. Modern products are complex and combined with mechanical, electronics and software which creates a big challenge for handling unified multi-disciplinary product structures. Each CAD system can have its own way to produce part lists and export it in a variety of ways to…

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Heads up: Multi-level rollup and catalog seamless data sync

One more preview of improved collaborative data synchronization between BOM levels, with roll-up formulas and catalogs. The same as a preview from yesterday – Catalog to BOM real-time collaborative updates, this improvement will provide instant data updates between levels, formulas, and catalogs.  This change is part of our user experience improvements and an essential step…

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OpenBOM – Introducing Partners Program for Consulting and Online Services 

The world is rapidly changing these days towards remote work and online services. COVID19 is probably a black swan event for moving work online. Before starting OpenBOM, I realized that online consulting can really work. I offered PLM consulting service online and cut the big amount of cost-saving on airplanes, hotels, and travels. At OpenBOM,…

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I’m stuck at home. How to share Solidworks data with my team working remotely? 

Coronavirus pandemic created an unprecedented situation in the world when we are forced to work remotely. For many engineers and product development teams is a new world in which they need to figure out how to communicate with their colleagues and stay productive.  Tools like Zoom, Slack and many others are here to rescue you,…

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