OpenBOM Enterprise Subscription

For organizations with complex data and user access management, custom integration, security, and other requirements.

OpenBOM Enterprise Subscription is a customized set of services including all features of OpenBOM Professional User, Team, Company subscriptions blended together with custom hosting services, optional security features, set of enterprise integrations and also custom integrations made based on customer requirements.

Security, hosting, integrations

OpenBOM can support a variety of hosting options and deployment scenarios. Default multi-tenant is running on AWS (Amazon).  OpenBOM can be hosted using IaaS infrastructure (eg. AWS, Azure, etc). The price and features supported for each hosting service can be different. Please contact for more details.

Directory Service support

OpenBOM user maintenance can be integrated with Directory service if needed to support single sign-on service and 2FA.

CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP integrations

OpenBOM supports a variety of integrations. The full list of integrations is available on this page – If an integration, you are looking for is “included it OpenBOM subscription”, you will gave them in all OpenBOM Subscription (User, Team, Company). However, some of the integrations are available via custom services. OpenBOM provides these integration on service basis contract. The cost of the integration is dependent on your requirements. Please contact for more information.

Part and BOM Lifecycle. Change Management

Advanced features to manage the change process, change requests, and approvals.

Custom hosting and deployment

OpenBOM can be deployed in many different hosting environments (IaaS or private hosting). Please reach us out at with specific requirements.