OpenBOM Enterprise Subscription


The Enterprise subscription provides you with a wide range of services and products that can be combined with other subscription services OpenBOM provides. This subscription gives you access to all the features and updates as well as allows you to take advantage of additional support, custom development options, and the ability to customize deployment options.

You will have access to many integrations to different systems, such as CAD, PDM, ERP, etc. like in the lower subscription levels, however, with the Enterprise subscription, integrations with complex CAD integrations, such as CATIA, Creo, and NX, as well as PDM and ERP integrations (e.g. Oracle NetSuite) are also available as part of the Enterprise subscription for an additional fee. 

The Enterprise subscription provides a set of robust infrastructures that can be used in a multi-tenant cloud environment, as well as deploy OpenBOM stack to a separate cloud-hosted environment. This subscription comes with a customized set of services (e.g. optional security features and custom integrations based on user requirements). 

Who is this level for? 

This subscription is specifically designed for large organizations that have complex data management requirements and are looking for a highly-customizable solution to fit their specific needs.

Why is OpenBOM different?

OpenBOM provides flexibility combined with a global multi-tenant SaaS platform. OpenBOM provides BOM services that can be used as part of your enterprise SaaS architecture and strategy. There is a rich set of custom integrations and REST APIs available. Contact us for more details.

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