OpenBOM Subscription Plans

Month by month subscription

Pricing FAQs

How does a Free User subscription plan work?

Month to month, a User subscription is always free for a single registered user. Sharing and collaboration tasks with other User subscription registered users is also free. For example, invite your supplier(s) and contract manufacturer to register for a free User subscription license if you want to share and work on a BOM together. When it’s time to manage a team of people using OpenBOM, then we suggest a Team subscription license. Continue reading, below.

How does OpenBOM Professional User subscription plan work?

The OpenBOM  Professional User subscription is for user that want to use OpenBOM to plan their purchasing and production planning. There is no limitations on Professional Users to collaboration and share data with Free users.

Is there cost for to integration CAD applications with OpenBOM? e.g. Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, Altium Designer, Onshape and others?

Many CAD integrations are included into OpenBOM free subscriptions. For detailed list of what is included in free subscription, please check our integration page.

Why do I need to go to the Onshape App Store to install OpenBOM Application?

OpenBOM Application for Onshape is free application that integrates OpenBOM with Onshape. This application is running inside Onshape and provides integrated user experience for Onshape users. The application can be installed for free and used with any OpenBOM subscriptions.

Is there trial period for OpenBOM subscriptions?

No, we don’t support trial period. All our subscriptions are month by month and can be canceled at any time. We will work hard to support you during this month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply drop an email with your desire to stop the trial and subscription.

What happens to my OpenBOM Professional subscription for Onshape if I purchased it in 2018.

All users who subscribed to OpenBOM Professional subscription for Onshape, will be getting OpenBOM Professional User subscription during 2019 at no charge.

How does a paid Team subscription plan work?

Month to month, a Team subscription gives you and your team 30 day access to openBoM for $50/month. The team administrator can add unlimited number of users to openBoM. Users can be anyone the administrator assigns access to, for example, company colleagues, a supplier, a consultant, a contract manufacturer overseas, etc. You can cancel your Team subscription at any time by sending us a note to Otherwise, your subscription will automatically renew for an additional month, and so on. We do hope you and your Team stick around for a long time, however.

What’s the difference between the Professional subscription and Team subscription?

The Professional subscription is licensed on a per-user basis. The Team subscription is licensed on a per-team basis and includes the ability to add an unlimited number of members to the team. Professional subscription is included in the Team subscription.

Is there a limit to the number of BOMs I can create in the free or paid plans?

You can create as many BOMs as you like in all three subscription plans. There are no storage or size of BOM limits – that we’ve come up against. Feel free to put us to the test!

How can a Team administrator add more users to OpenBOM?

OpenBOM Team administrator has an access to special menu in OpenBOM tool that allows to manage users – add, remove and manage their access rights.

How do I upgrade from a Free User subscription to a paid subscriptions?

If you’re on a Free User subscription plan and wish to move to a Professional user or Professional Team subscription plan, here’s what you do (hint, it’s simple): Purchase a Professional or Team subscription by clicking the “Buy now” button above.  Once registered with a Professional or Team subscription, you will be automatically updated. All your data will follow your new subscription and will be available for you.

Is there an annual subscription plan, i.e. I pay a full 12 month subscription up front?

For the moment we only offer month-to-month subscription licensing. If you have any questions or want to explore other payment options, contact

May I cancel a subscription plan at any time?

Yes you can. However, keep in mind we have a no refund policy. A cancelled paid monthly plan will conclude at the end of the monthly term. We will respect the privacy of your data per our Privacy Policy. Monthly subscription plans renew automatically unless cancelled per the Terms of Service.

What happens to my BOMs if I cancel my User or Team subscription?

Your data is private and confidential to you and all registered users regardless of subscription license. Should you choose to cancel your subscription, we will not retain your data. More info can be found at Privacy Policy.

What is the “Enterprise” subscription?

The Enterprise subscription applies to organizations that wish to deploy OpenBOM with additional security options, to develop custom integrations or support custom or private hosting options. Please email for more information.