OpenBOM Subscription Plans

Named Users
1 1
Concurrent Licenses
1 1
Data Storage
--- ---
File Attachments
n/a n/a
Onboarding Service (option)
n/a n/a
For a single user to manage product information, easily create and manage BOM, import Excel.
Catalogs and BOM Manage product information, items, and instances
Manage Part Numbers Automate Part Number generation using OpenBOM catalogs
Item Revisions Manage revisions for items in catalogs
Single/Multi-level BOM Manage single level and an unlimited number of levels in multip-level nested BOMs
Revisions & Change History Keep track of changes, control revisions
Import (xls / Google) Import data from Excel spreadsheets of Google Sheet
Total Calculations Sum of all rows in a single level BOM or catalog
Professional User
$65/month/user $55/month/user
Named Users
1 1
Concurrent Licenses
1 1
Data Storage
Unlimited Unlimited
File Attachments
Unlimited Unlimited
Onboarding Service (option)
$1000 $1000
For an individual looking to create a single source of truth by managing product information - Parts, BOMs, Revisions, Integrating with CAD, Calculations, Rollups, Inventory, POs, and RFQs
All features from “Free User”
Share data with other users Sharing data using the manual "share" command. No automatic sharing
Flattened BOM Automatic calculations of Quantity rollups across multiple BOM levels
File Attachements Manage multiple file attachments for items. Attach files to item, BOMs, Order, PO records using flexible data model reference properties.
Rollups, Formulas, Calculations Create formulas to calculate any values, rollup values, and other calculations
Export (xls, csv, pdf, zip) Export data to any of these formats
CAD Add-ins (see list) Out of the box CAD Add-ins.
Orders, PO planning, RFQ Production (procurement) planning with PO generation and RFQ export
Multiple orders Combining multiple orders from BOMs and maintaining multiple open order
Inventory Control Managing Quantity on Hands (QOH), multiple productions builds, and automatic increase/decrease levels
Quickbooks integration Integration with QBO (QuickBooks Online)
Professional Team
$300/month/team $250/month/team
Named Users
Unlimited Unlimited
Concurrent Licenses
Starts at 5 Starts at 5
Data Storage
Unlimited Unlimited
File Attachments
Unlimited Unlimited
Onboarding Service (option)
$1000 Included
For a team or company looking to create a single source of truth by managing product information, BOMs, revisions, role-based team data access, sharing data with contractors & suppliers.
All features from “Pro User”
Team and Role-based data sharing User-defined views to create "role" (eg. engineering, design, manufacturing, procurement)
Automatic Data Sharing Automatically share data based on team settings defined by the administrator
Share with user-defined view Share individual BOM or catalog with a specific user.
Team views Create user-defined views shared with the team
Team templates Make templates for team users
Team folders sharing Organize folders shared with team members
$600/month/company $500/month/company
Named Users
Unlimited Unlimited
Concurrent Licenses
Starts at 5 Starts at 5
Data Storage
Unlimited Unlimited
File Attachments
Unlimited Unlimited
Onboarding Service (option)
$1000 Included
For a company that requires comprehensive product lifecycle management, including configuration management and change management processes (ECO/ECR).
All features from “Team” All team features
Company catalog management Consolidated catalogs with centralized Part Number management across multiple catalogs
Change Management Controlled change process support
Change Orders (ECO, MCO, etc.) Management of change processes
Sign-off, change requests and approvals Approvals and notifications
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) Support second-factor authentication using a mobile phone app
Named Users
Concurrent Licenses
Data Storage
File Attachments
Onboarding Service (option)
For organizations with complex data management requirements, develop custom integration with CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP systems, special enterprise requirements.
All features from “Company” For a single user to manage product information, easily create BOM from Excel.
Additional security Custom hosting
Directory Service SSO integration with directory service providers
Custom integrations Custom integrations with advanced CAD systems (eg. CATIA, NX, Creo, Cadence, Mentor, etc.)
PDM integrations Integration with PDM systems (eg. Solidworks PDM)
PLM integrations Integrations with enterprise PLM systems (eg. Teamcenter, Windchill, Aras, etc.)
ERP integrations Integrations with ERP systems (eg. NetSuite and others)

Additional services and options

OpenBOM Drive (price in addition to Pro-User)
$50/mo $500/year buy now buy now
OpenBOM Drive (price in addition to Pro-Team or Company)
$250/mo $2500/year buy now buy now
Additional concurrent team user license (Basic subscription comes with 5 concurrent licenses)
$45/mo $450/year buy now buy now
Additional concurrent company user license (Basic subscription comes with 5 concurrent licenses)
$100/mo $1000/year buy now buy now
Onboarding service (if not included in subscription)
$1000 $1000 buy now buy now

Pricing and Subscription FAQs

How is OpenBOM concurrent license subscription work?

OpenBOM provides monthly or yearly subscriptions. The subscriptions can be purchased online using this page. Please use your OpenBOM Account email or follow the instructions on the purchasing page. If you have any questions, please contact support ( For more information about OpenBOM subscriptions, please read OpenBOM Terms of Services online. OpenBOM is not limiting you in the number of users in Team, Company, and Enterprise subscription. But OpenBOM defines the number of active users (concurrent sessions) that can sign to OpenBOM simultaneously). The initial concurrent licenses set for Team and Company is 5 concurrent licenses. More concurrent licenses can be purchased.

What is active session in OpenBOM plans?

An active user session is a session on a specific device and specific browser (eg. your PC and Chrome). Once you sign in, OpenBOM considers it as an “active session”. You can stop an active session by using the “Sign-out” command. At that moment, you can sign in with the same user on a different computer or browser. If for some reason, you forgot to sign in on a specific device that is out of reach for you, OpenBOM will allow you to sign out remotely and take an active session on the device browser you want to use now.

How Concurrent User Licenses Work In Different OpenBOM Subscription?

OpenBOM Free user and Professional User subscriptions are limited to a single active session. OpenBOM Team and Company subscriptions are also limited to a maximum number of concurrent users (the number of team/company users that sign in at the same time). The initial number of concurrent users in the subscription you purchase is 5. However, you can purchase additional concurrent users (any number starting from one additional concurrent user license).

Is concurrent license mechanism limits how many users I can add to my team or company?

No, you can still add as many users as you want to OpenBOM Team or Company account

How OpenBOM Drive license mechanism works?

OpenBOM Drive is an additional service, which requires a license in addition to one of the available OpenBOM subscriptions (pro-user, team, company). The license is either for a pro-user or for a team/company. In the case of a team or company, you buy it starting from 5 licenses and it applies as a floating license by a team/company admin.

What is OpenBOM Drive Storage Limit

OpenBOM Drive Storage is unlimited.

What is difference between OpenBOM Drive and OpenBOM File Storage

OpenBOM Drive is a file storage and collaboration service to provide document management solutions including a virtual drive for file management and collaboration, Windows File Explorer integration, and 3D Viewer. Documents stored in OpenBOM Drive can be associated with OpenBOM Items. OpenBOM File Storage is a mechanism to attach files to OpenBOM Items, BOMs, and Orders to support file storage and revision mechanism for items.

What is the difference between data storage and file storage

OpenBOM Is a data management system. The data you store in OpeBOM - items, properties, records, BOMs, etc. However, you can attach files and upload files to OpenBOM (using specific property type - reference properties).

Is there a limit how much data I can store in OpenBOM?

OpenBOM doesn't limit you on how much data you can store in OpenBOM.

What is included in onboarding service?

OpenBOM provides a special premium onboarding experience. Check details in the OpenBOM Training Library -

Is there a free plan for Education and non-commercial usage?

OpenBOM provides a free subscription plan for education projects and personal users such as a hobby or home projects. Check the Pricing menu on the website.

How does a Free User subscription plan work?

OpenBOM provides month to month, a free subscription plan for a single user. Check the features table above for available free functions

What are the differences between OpenBOM plans?

OpenBOM features are different between plans. Check the feature table above to see what features are supported. The transitions between plans are automatic, your data is preserved, no migration is needed. For more details about OpenBOM features, check

Where can I find detailed information about OpenBOM product features and functions?

Please navigate to OpenBOM Online Training ( for detailed product documentation, videos, training course, webinars, and product F.A.Q.

Can I use the same user account multiple times in different browser tabs (or windows)?

Absolutely, you can open as many windows and tabs as you want in the same browser

Can I use the same user account in CAD integration and browser at the same time?

Absolutely, you can use OpenBOM in CAD (Eg. Onshape, Fusion 360, Solidworks, etc) and use it in the browser at the same time.

What if I forgot to sign-out from my computer in my office/ home and I need to sign-in on another device?

OpenBOM’s alert message will give you an option to sign out remotely.

Will the OpenBOM session expire automatically?

Yes, the OpenBOM session expires automatically in 24 hours after you sign in.

Are there any differences between different users in my team with licenses (Eg. read-only user vs Editing user)?

No, each user is equal in terms of licenses and consumes one concurrent license.

Can I use the same user account multiple times on different computers?

No, you can use an OpenBOM user in a specific device and browser. If you want to use it on another device, you need to sign out from your other active session.

How to purchase an additional concurrent license?

OpenBOM pricing page will be updated to provide a link to purchase an additional concurrent license for your Team and Company.

Is there a cost for OpenBOM CAD Add-ins

Some CAD integrations are included in OpenBOM professional subscriptions. For a detailed list of what is included in a specific subscription, please check our integration page (

How to install OpenBOM CAD Add-ins?

Installation packages are available for each integration on OpenBOM Integration Page (

Should I pay separately for CAD Add-ins?

It depends on the CAD Add-in. Please check OpenBOM Integration Page (

What’s the difference between the Professional User subscription, Professional Team and Company subscriptions?

OpenBOM professional user is for a single user only. Professional Team and Company are for a group of people. You will have a Team Administration account to create accounts for other users.

Is there a limit to the number of BOMs I can create in the free or paid plans?

No limits for the number of BOMs, Catalogs, Vendors, etc. OpenBOM Storage size is limited as described in the subscription. You can purchase an additional storage

How can a Team (or Company) administrator add more users to OpenBOM?

OpenBOM Team/Company administrator has access to a special menu in the OpenBOM tool that allows managing users – add, remove, and manage their access rights.

How do I upgrade from a Free User subscription to one of the paid subscriptions?

If you’re on a Free User subscription plan and wish to move to a Professional user, Professional Team, or a Company subscription plan, here’s what you do (hint, it’s simple): Purchase a plan using this page by clicking the “Buy now” button above. You can use a separate email for billing if needed, but please specify the OpenBOM user account in the purchasing form. Your account will be automatically updated to a paid plan after the purchase. If you have any questions, please contact

Is there an annual subscription plan, i.e. I pay a full 12-month subscription up front?

Yes, we provide monthly and annual (yearly) plans. The annual plan is for 12 months paid upfront.

Can I cancel a subscription plan at any time?

Yes, you can. However, keep in mind we have a “no refund policy”. A canceled paid monthly plan will conclude at the end of the monthly term. A canceled annual (yearly) plan will conclude at the of the annual term. We will respect the privacy of your data per our Privacy Policy. Monthly and Annual subscription plans renew automatically unless canceled per the Terms of Service.

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

Your data is private and confidential to you and all registered users regardless of subscription license. If you cancel the subscription, your account automatically will turn into a free account. Should you choose to delete your account we will not retain your data. More info can be found at Privacy Policy.

What is the Enterprise subscription?

The Enterprise subscription applies to organizations that wish to deploy OpenBOM with additional security options, develop custom integrations, or support custom or private hosting options. Check features in the table above. Please email for more information.

Does OpenBOM support Multi-Factor Authentication?

OpenBOM supports MFA at the Company Subscription level.

I did't find the answer on my question. What should I do?

Please contact support @ openbom dot com.