What is it?

The goal of the OpenBOM production planning and purchasing process is to provide a mechanism to manage the inventory of all of a company’s items. This mechanism allows manufacturing companies to perform the planning of their capacity needs required to manufacture a specific product in a quantity that is needed for a specific sales order.

Production planning includes the following mechanism:

  1. Inventory management (organized via “Catalog Quantity on Hand”)
  2. Vendor management (allows you to manage lists of vendors and suppliers)
  3. Order management (order BOM – to manage MBOM for purchase planning)
  4. Purchase orders (creation and receive)
  5. Release to production

Production planning is seamlessly integrated with BOM functionality in OpenBOM allowing seamless integration of processes and smooth data handover between engineering and purchasing departments.

Why do you need it?

Modern manufacturing processes demand quick planning and tight connection between engineering and production. Without such integration, it is hard to build products on time and at the right price. The time when “throwing design over the wall of manufacturing” was the main method is gone.

These days, engineering teams, startups and manufacturers are looking for an efficient way to establish production planning, including procurement of correct components and parts to have an earlier insight on product cost, availability of components and production capacities. OpenBOM production and procurement planning is the tool that allows manufacturing companies, prototyping teams and hardware startups to work in an agile and data-driven environment.

Why is OpenBOM different?

The following diagram shows how OpenBOM business processes work from CAD design to engineering BOM and later to purchase orders and Inventory control. A unique element of the solution is seamless integration and simplicity of inventory and purchasing functions.

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