OpenBOM Professional Team Subscription


The Professional Team subscription level not only gives you access to all of the Professional User capabilities, but it also gives you access to a wide array of additional capabilities that make it possible (and easy!) to collaborate as a team by sharing data in a controlled way with a predefined set of roles. There are no limitations on who can be included in your team, which means you can bring all of your company’s engineering team members, individual contributors, contractors, and suppliers under the same roof and establish common ground for all product-related information. These powerful capabilities give you an easy way to get access, edit simultaneously, and take control of your company data.

Who is this level for? 

This subscription plan is ideal for a team or company that values data sharing and needs to incorporate different roles that determine what information can be accessed, e.g. engineering view, manufacturing view, purchasing view, etc. It also allows you to centrally store all of your product information from various sources, such as product structure, parts, files, documents, BOMs, and revisions.

Why is OpenBOM different?

OpenBOM provides unique, patented collaboration technologies, which allow instant data sharing and simultaneous editing/viewing of data, with applied role-based sharing control.

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