OpenBOM Professional Team Subscription

For a company that needs team coordination, role-based data access, and automatic data sharing. An unlimited number of users.

Professional Team Subscription is focusing on enabling a team of people (from the same company or multiple companies) to work together and share the data. Features available for a group of people working for the same company or project. Once a Team subscription is created, the Team administrator is playing the role of account manager. Team Subscription allows to have an unlimited number of users. 

The basic feature of a Team subscription is to share data automatically between team users and apply access rights using Team Views.

In addition to the features provided in OpenBOM professional subscription, Team subscription provides the following features and functions.

Team user provisioning

A team administrator can create new users, disable, and delete users. Users are notified via email. This is a great way to organize a virtual team to work on a project or product development to share data and organize a distributed project.

Automatic Team Sharing

Data is automatically shared in a team based on the following access levels: (1) No access; (2) Read-only; (3) Edit; (4) By View. The last is activating Team View access control for a specific user.

Team View for role-based access

Team view is a way to organize data to support distributed automatic data sharing. Each user in a team with By View access is allowed to use only predefined views, predefined property set, and filters.

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