What is it?

Following quality procedures is critical to the success of your business. Compliance regulations are strictly enforced and such requirements depend on the country, industry, and type of product.

Quality management is a way of managing the policies, processes, and procedures of your business. Proper quality management improves efficiency across teams, allowing for enhanced product quality, which leads to a competitive advantage in the market.

Quality management also involves the proper management of your product data. Without this level of organization, it can become increasingly complicated to maintain control over everything that goes into your product.

Quality management also includes to support for processes and quality management standards. OpenBOM integrates with QMS Ocanos to provide a seamless QMS experience.

Why do you need it?

For highly-regulated businesses with distributed teams, it’s difficult to keep track of standards while designing and delivering high-quality products on time.

Managing your product quality digitally allows you to protect your business and its reputation by providing a clear view and access to records and audit trails.

Keeping all of your quality data up to date and linking it with your product information enables you to introduce new products into the market while ensuring regulatory compliance. By connecting quality and product designs, your teams will become efficient and you’ll have access to the right, quality information when it comes to your BOMs.

If any issues were to arise regarding product quality, this information could then be recorded within the system. This ensures complete transparency and keeps everyone on the same page. Subsequently, issues can be resolved more efficiently.

Why is OpenBOM different?

With OpenBOM’s flexible data model and real-time collaboration, you can attach multiple files to the same item (or the same BOM). This is especially useful when there are multiple quality procedures to follow.

Moreover, these files are all stored centrally, can be easily accessed by any member of your team (so long as you give them viewing permissions), and can be referred to as a single source of truth. Thus, negating any uncertainty regarding product quality.

OpenBOM’s multi-tenant platform enables you to scale your business at your own pace while eliminating risks with the lowest total cost of ownership.


How does it work?

Quality management with OpenBOM is a straightforward process. Quality management documentation (such as policies and compliance data) can be uploaded to the system and added as a property to an item and/or BOM.

Therefore, users can easily refer to any documentation, update, item, or product, should any regulation changes occur. Moreover, these changes are updated in real-time.

OpenBOM provides out-of-the-box integration with the QMS system. Check more OpenBOM and Orcanos integration (PLM+QMS).

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