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Manage Parts, Documents, Bill of Materials, Vendors, and Purchases


OpenBOM is a SaaS network-based global collaborative platform that manages data, product development lifecycle, production planning, and connects manufacturers with their customers, contractors, and suppliers.

What You Can Do With


There's a lot that our customers can achieve with OpenBOM, but here's a quick rundown of the most important things to know when you're just getting started:


Item Management


Production Planning


Real time collaboration


Change Management


Bill of Materials (BOM) Management


Procurement Planning


CAD Integration


Document and Files

Cloud-based, Multi-tenant Platform

OpenBOM is a powerful cloud-based platform that integrates with your existing tools and brings product information together into a single source of truth.

Real-time & Asynchronous Collaboration

Whether your teams are collocated, distributed, or fully remote, OpenBOM provides an engaging, intuitive, instant collaboration experience with multiple options for real-time or asynchronous teamwork on an online product structure. OpenBOM’s patented simultaneous data sharing and editing capabilities allow you to collaborate within the team and across multiple companies.

Flexible & Multi-tenant Data Model

The data management architecture of OpenBOM is built using flexible data objects holding different information sets semantically connected together. These data objects are flexible and generic allowing you to build any data structures using predefined and fully customizable attributes. The multi-tenant data model allows role-based access to data shared between multiple companies.

Change History, Revision Control, & Change Management

OpenBOM supports automatic tracking of changes, full revision support, change request and approval mechanisms. With OpenBOM it’s easy to track changes of items, BOM structures, CAD files, related information, and documents

Distributed Item Master Management

You can store, organize, and manage your items in OpenBOM with ease. Item catalogs bring together all the things you manage during the design and production of your products, including inventory levels for production and vendor and supplier information.

Flexible Structured Bills of Materials with Visualization and Spreadsheet-like User Experience

OpenBOM looks similar to Excel to mirror its simplicity and ease of use. OpenBOM manages your product data and brings connected information together into a single source of truth with full flexibility and without the complexity of traditional PLM and ERP systems.

File Storage and Document Management

OpenBOM’s flexible data model allows the integration of file storage using catalogs, BOMs, and other data types. OpenBOM manages file revisions including CAD files, drawings, specifications and other documents. OpenBOM integrates with external cloud storages (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, etc.)

Production Planning, Inventory Management and Purchase Orders

OpenBOM helps you manage production batches and perform inventory and procurement planning, including gap analysis, planning BOM, and purchase order management. You can define quantity on hand for each item and manage item inventory.

Cost Planning, Formulas, and Calculations

OpenBOM provides flexible formula and calculation support mechanisms. Using OpenBOM’s formulas you can easily roll up costs and perform operations on any data properties stored in OpenBOM.

Integration With Your CAD Tools

OpenBOM’s CAD integrations are ready to “plug in” and have been built using the best-in-class technology. You can easily import your bills of materials, upload CAD files in native format, and derivative files (PDF, DXF, STEP) from your favorite CAD software in minutes using the OpenBOM plugins.

Knowledge Graph and Data Analytics

OpenBOM’s graph model is purpose-built to store and navigate relationships so that you can integrate, access, and analyze product information in the company and beyond.

Open REST API and Integrations

Want to build a custom integration that’s not included in the out-of-the-box scope? OpenBOM’s developer tools let you integrate data across your enterprise stack, connect to other online applications, and create custom solutions for your business.

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