OpenBOM Company Subscription


In addition to product data management, BOM management, and collaboration provided by lower subscriptions, the Company subscription offers extra mechanisms for better data governance and the ability to organize a business process to perform formal change management control. This subscription comes with company catalogs, which allow you to control the uniqueness of part numbers. In addition, OpenBOM will immediately raise an alert should anyone else breach the part number uniqueness. 

This subscription also comes with change management and configuration control for product development, manufacturing, supply chain, and contract manufacturing companies. This gives you everything you need from a simple yet powerful PLM system, flexible data model, change orders, change requests, notifications, and powerful data-sharing capabilities. In addition, this subscription comes with advanced security in the form of a multi-factor security system.

Who is this level for? 

This subscription is best suited for companies that need comprehensive product lifecycle management (PLM), including configuration management and change management processes (ECO/ECR). If you are a larger business that cannot rely solely on collaboration to maintain data integrity and govern changes, this is the subscription for you.

Why is OpenBOM different?

An important differentiation of the OpenBOM Company subscription is that it provides seamless change management functions (change requests/change orders) combined with a unique collaborative approval workflow mechanism.

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