OpenBOM Company Subscription

OpenBOM Company Subscription

Company Subscription is for customers that require holistic control of product lifecycle and related information. The subscription is for an unlimited number of users in a company. Features of OpenBOM Company subscriptions include all Team Subscription features and additional features.

– control part numbers,

– BOM revisions and lifecycle.

– Company Administrator functions

– Company integrations with financial software (eg. Quickbooks).

To learn more about the Subscription plans, you can click here. Now, let’s check out our short list to find out how you can do your business better!

Company Administrator

The Company Administrator is granted an expanded set of privileges to control data contained in the company environment – establish a set of company catalogs, manage team members access and data, delete and change access to company resources, set templates and more.

Company Catalogs

Company Catalogs is a database to manage all company items. The Company Catalogs are a set of catalogs established by the Company Administrator to manage all company items including standard, engineering and fabricated parts and assemblies. Company Catalogs may include catalogs created for and shared with suppliers or subcontractors as needed. OpenBOM will verify Part Number uniqueness across the entire set of Company Catalogs.

Part Numbers Control  

Part Number uniqueness is validated across the complete set of “Company Catalogs” allowing the Company to ensure no duplicate part numbers. The Part Numbering schema can be easily configured to generate part numbers in accordance with the company part numbering standard.

Part and BOM Lifecycle. Change Management

Advanced features to manage the change process, change requests, and approvals.

Financial Integrations      

OpenBOM financial integrations supports integration of data downstream. An example of such integration is OpenBOM Quickbooks integration 

QuickBooks™ Integration

The value of Bill of Materials is in downstream. As such the value of data, you manage in your company is increased if you can organize and streamline the process of moving from “design” to manufacturing and purchasing. OpenBOM- Quickbooks fills the critical gap in this downstream process

Read more about Quickbooks Integration here.