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Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
29 September, 2022 | 1 min for reading

It can be surprising to find the best examples of Bill of Materials (or recipes) in food and other similar products. The food industry is demanding a high level of traceability and compliance to provide full details about products, what they contain, suppliers, ingredients, and other related product information. The essential part of any product is to provide a full recipe definition, calculate the cost, plan purchasing, and supply ingredients. OpenBOM provides a way to create a full recipe model including all information about ingredients, sources of supply, cost calculation, and planning. 

Check What Customers Are Saying?

Administrator in the company working in the Food and Beverage Industry is using OpenBOM to replace Excel to manage BOMs at different levels and to develop POs according to the work orders.

Food producing company is using OpenBOM. We have a large number of BOMs and a very customizable solution, so OpenBOM lets us track all the different ways we can build our product. Very flexible software that allows us to have many different instances of BOMs. The team is extremely responsive and helpful as well.

Full Bill of Materials (Recipe) of All Ingredients with Purchasing Unit

OpenBOM allows to create a catalog of all ingredients with a unit of measures used for purchases and then to manage recipe (Bill of Materials) with full definition and quantities per each recipe. OpenBOM allows to manage all related information, perform cost calculation,s and purchase planning for ingredients. It allows nesting small piece assy’s into larger assemblies (boxes), purchase by weight or volume, use by the measured value.

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