• Solutions

    Here's the growing list of ways OpenBOM is ushering in a new era in manufacturing

    Manufacturing e-commerce

    OpenBOM is the future of manufacturing e-commerce business

    Here's why:

    • Complex machines and kits;
    • Requirement for managing graphical and geometric information;
    • Selling multi-configurable products; and
    • Visibility of inventory information.

    Industrial IoT

    Make OpenBOM an essential part of your IoT platform

    • Help with online Bill of Materials (BOM) management for intelligent manufacturing;
    • Access to real-time manufacturing data for real-time collaboration; and
    • Create a distributed BOM and manage it throughout connected manufacturing processes 

    Machine learning

    Use OpenBOM to help you find the right data

    OpenBOM is rethinking data management paradigms from local to web scale. The future success of machine learning in product development, manufacturing, and supply chain will come from web-scale data collection. Global data management combined with multi-tenant engineering and production systems will become a skeleton of future business models in manufacturing software

    Supply chain intelligence and collaboration

    Work on the same "live" BOM

    • Eliminate supply chain risk early in the product development cycle;
    • Build and apply Bill of Materials analytics across your project, team, and organization;
    • Work "on the same BOM" across organizational boundaries sharing data in real-time; and
    • Help establish "one-click" manufacturing