Blaylock uses OpenBOM to manage multi-disciplinary BOM integrating information from Solidworks, Altium, Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Eagle, and other data sources

Blaylock LLC.
Blaylock LLC.

Paul Blaylock is an experienced engineer and Owner/Principal Engineer at Blaylock LLC.

He’s what you might call an Engineer for Hire who comes with his own set of tools!

Paul uses OpenBOM to design and deliver his products and services, consulting and engineering for product companies where electrical is not their primary product. 

“My clients come to me with requirements, perhaps a particular engineering need, toolset, or deliverable, the majority of my clients have been with me for many years.”

“OpenBOM is a central feature of my business that allows me to work with many different engineering tools sets, adapt to various customer requirements, and craft and maintain a variety of deliverables; all necessary to meet the needs of each specific customer.”

According to Paul, Blaylock LLC’s customers all ask for something different. One may require design, schematics, and a ready-to-buy BOM with vendors, part numbers, and availability, while another just needs a parts list, and another a first article prototype as well.

“OpenBOM’s item master catalog design lets me take a database design approach to components and properties”, says Paul. “ I like how I can organize my items and BOMs in much the same way as the physical parts, by category, vendor, availability, etc.”

That same flexibility in OpenBOM flows to the specific BOMs he delivers to his customers.

“I literally use OpenBOM to master items and output a BOM exactly in the format the customer demands, with part numbers, vendors, links to specs file, and more. It represents my work.”

Paul is tool-agnostic. That is, he can and does work in a variety of engineering tools based on the customer’s requirements.

“I use Solidworks, Altium, Autodesk Fusion 360 and Eagle, Excel, Google docs, and many others. No single cad platform or spreadsheet holds all my information and OpenBOM connects them all.”

“What I like most about OpenBOM is how it connects all my data sources and ensures I don’t have to duplicate data in multiple systems.”  

“OpenBOM is light and agile and I can connect to whatever toolset I am using.”

“SaaS is a natural fit for my company. I love unloading the management of those parts and having the ability to come back to a design in the future. Having confidence they will be there is a big benefit.”

When it comes to OpenBOM, Paul relies on the OpenBOM documentation as much as the product.

“I really like the company’s continuous publishing of blogs and best practices. It is obvious the OpenBOM product was built by engineers for engineers. The online documentation and videos give great up-to-date guidance that helps me quickly when I get stuck.”

Paul recently took a job from a client that was struggling with a poorly designed EV cart.

“My client purchased a business and needed to rework an entire set of electrical schematics. I reviewed wiring, connectors, and components, eventually pulling a build into OpenBOM.”

“The reformatted BOMs contained newly designed harnesses with some new parts, sources, vendors, and reuse of the existing parts list which was very important to my client. I matched the new design to the existing part numbers and inventory that I imported into OpenBOM.”

“I literally redesigned the electrical system using many of the existing components and delivered it back to them in OpenBOM. They loved it!”

“For me, OpenBOM is all about adaptability, collaboration, visualization, and flexibility.”

“Oh, and I love the images from Altium in the BOM. Wow!”

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