David Krynauw High-End Wood Designs Uses OpenBOM To Bring Product From Design To Manufacturing and Streamline Product Development Process

David Krynauw Design
David Krynauw Design

David Krynauw Design is reimagining and reinventing the successful South Africa-based firm of the same name in so many ways.

The Farm to Table company delivers high-end wood designs and products to multiple vertical markets  – and OpenBOM is thrilled to be a part of their new business plan!

“We are reimagining every aspect of the business”, says CEO Mark Seftel, “including the software we run the company on.”

Charged with bringing modern business processes to the 13-year-old Johannesburg company, Mark quickly settled on OpenBOM for a number of reasons.

“As a product, OpenBOM brings the organization of design we needed to move products through to manufacturing.  As a business process, OpenBOM delivers the power of connecting that design to the company.”

The company’s clientele is primarily commercial real estate but the company delivers unique bespoke products to individual retailers, consumers and collectors as well.

“As part of our modernization, we moved from an exclusively 2D design process into full 3D modeling and manufacturing, OpenBOM fits squarely into that process as a key piece of enabling technology”, explains Mark.

“The bottom line was we needed important information from our Autodesk Fusion 360 designs to flow through to the company and to the business.”

As is so often the case, Mark started the journey with a google search…..

“I googled API to get data from Autodesk Fusion…. And I discovered OpenBOM.”

“In minutes I was working with the free trial, clicked Support, and received a reply in less than 60 minutes. That experience gave me enormous confidence that someone was listening to me as a customer”, Mark explains.

“After some more browsing of OpenBOM, we had a call with the OpenBOM team, and felt confident that they understood the manufacturing CAD business process.”

“We knew we could trust OpenBOM to liberate data from our design system and bring it to our company.“

Overall, OpenBOM fits the larger vision that Mark and David have for the company.

“We are on an MRP journey to build a system we can run the entire business on.”

“We were looking for a data model that we could leverage as part of this overall MRP journey.  The OpenBOM API quickly became a valuable resource and key element of our business process.”

As the Head Designer and the creative engine behind the company, David Krynauw appreciates the benefit their decision to buy OpenBOM has brought to their customers and manufacturing process.

“OpenBOM allows us to deliver higher quality products ahead of schedule. It’s just that simple.”

“The visual benefit of the thumbnail is a game change – it fills the gap in a visual sense when communicating the design’s intent.  I did not anticipate such a relatively small piece of data having such a big effect.  We can’t work without it now. “

CEO Mark Seftel sums it up simply, “The most important thing is procuring the right things at the right time.  That’s what OpenBOM does for us.”

To learn more about the David Krynauw suite of products, please visit www.davidkrynauw.com

To learn more about OpenBOM, please visit www.openbom.com

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