CAD, BOMs, and Rock N’ Roll – OpenBOM Helps Laney Amplification and HH Electronics to Relieve Engineers from the Burden of Manual BOM Management

Headstock Distribution
Headstock Distribution

The folks at Headstock Distribution, the owners of Laney Amplification and HH Electronics, are at the top of their game on all three!

The Halesowen, UK, based company founded in 1967 by early rock-n-roll-er Lyndon Laney relies on OpenBOM to bring speed and accuracy to their industry-leading products.

According to longtime Director of Product Design, Richard Thompson, the company relies on OpenBOM to collaborate on designs and products, prioritize work, and assist manufacturing to make the products.

“Our designs are driven by our 3D data, and we have a lot of it”, says Rich, “our Engineers needed a better way to create and update BOMs.”

Headstock designs all of its own products in the UK.

Rich explains how their decision to buy OpenBOM benefits their customer.

“OpenBOM supports our mission – a love of music and outstanding, high quality products that everyone can enjoy”, he says.

“OpenBOM relieves our engineers of the burden of manually creating and updating bills of materials.” enabling them to focus on creating great products.

Like many growing companies, Headstock has become more distributed and their company product lines have expanded.

“The real benefit”, says Rich, “comes when we hand off a reliable, accurate BOM to our suppliers and manufacturers.”

“Generating an accurate BOM has gone from a day to a few minutes.” ~ Rich Thompson

“The visual thumbnail of each item makes it very clear to everyone involved exactly what item we are referencing in a BOM.”

The Company also supports customers and service providers worldwide with spares and replacement parts.

“We like how OpenBOM lets us identify items in the original BOM as service parts, so our field technicians know exactly what to order as replacements.”

The OpenBOM reference property is perfectly suited to support the service use case, with linked documents, PDFs, and more.

“When we create a BOM from CAD, the drawing PDF is automatically produced and linked to OpenBOM. This is a great relief to engineers who used to create all the PDFs manually. PDFs are always up to date and linked to the correct item.”

OpenBOM as a web service also fits nicely into the company’s modern business structure.

“Our engineers work mostly on PC for heavy engineering but we run the company on Macs, so the fact that OpenBOM seamlessly brings the design data from CAD to the business is a big plus for us.”

“We love OpenBOM on the web.”

“If our marketing team wants to run a promotion, maybe add some free (drum) sticks to a product, the Mac folks can easily add a line to the product BOM, no need to involve the engineering team for that change.”

I asked Rich what he likes most about OpenBOM.

“What do we like most about OpenBOM…..?” he replies, “just the way it creates a BOM; fast, accurate, and seamless.”

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