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Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
10 October, 2022 | 3 min for reading

OpenBOM helps many industrial companies, startups, and engineering firms to design and build a variety of aero-transportation devices and equipment (eg. electrical airplanes, drones, and equipment for aircraft).

The complexity of product development is increasing as well as the need to have robust tools to design, manufacture, and maintain them. Manufacturing companies are looking for technology to help to improve efficiency and productivity and at the same time, to decrease the cost, and improve collaboration. OpenBOM helps to build a comprehensive product information model, and multi-level BOMs, perform cost calculation and analysis, and to enable real-time collaboration between teams, contractors, and suppliers.

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Dendra Systems

Dendra Systems delivers environmental technologies for ecosystem restoration on a very large scale.

Dendra Systems products and services break down along two major lines – integrated digital platform and seed spreading solutions. Hannah Redrup is an R&D Hardware Engineer at Dendra Systems involved in the airborne seed delivery side of the company’s business and understands the value that OpenBOM brings to the company.

We looked at several BOM products and settled on OpenBOM”, says Hannah. “OpenBOM had the ECAD and MCAD integrations the team required and solved our primary requirement, a single source of truth for all our design data.

OpenBOM helps our engineering team design and maintain a cross-functional design and deliver the information needed to my (internal) customer”, Hannah explains. “Before OpenBOM, we didn’t have any systems integration. After a change, many separate BOMs had to be manually updated in several places, OpenBOM took our systems process to the next level giving us an integrated process from design to manufacturing.”

According to Hannah, “We selected OpenBOM for many reasons, excellent Fusion 360 integration, simple and easy import, and export to leverage our legacy data, and of course, the cost and customization to meet our needs.”

Fly Pyka

Pyka is a leader in autonomous electric airplanes.  Their autonomous crop duster is a thing of beauty on the outside and a sophisticated engineering accomplishment on the inside and all of us at OpenBOM are proud to be helping Pyka meet its commitments and delivery goals!

As Pyka transitioned from concept to design they needed a way to manage their prototype phase all the while with an eye towards production. When they brought in OpenBOM for Teams to manage the product builds they were laying the groundwork for manufacturing. 

Pyka relies on OpenBOM for Solidworks integration to reliably capture product structure and design intent.  That means a reliable way to create BOMs of designs that contain the expected items AND a reliable way to update them as they evolve.

The Pyka team also often has to answer that classic question, “Which motor controller is in what plane?” Well, the OpenBOM Where-Used feature helps them do just that.

They also like the way non-modeled parts can easily be added to the BOM in OpenBOM, no longer requiring the CAD engineer to account for every screw or fastener.

When we share the BOM with the manufacturing team, they simply click the link, get the proper step file or control specification.  No copies of documents or files, no more emailing or validating if we have the proper STEP file”.

Finally, Garrett says “OpenBOM is the Pyka source of truth! It’s a huge benefit for everyone involved.  We put everything in there and we can pull back out just the views and information that is relevant to each party involved.  We simply couldn’t do that with a spreadsheet”.

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