BloomX (formerly Bumblebee AI) is scaling up its operation with OpenBOM by managing end-to-end data of all products

Bumblebee AI
Bumblebee AI

Bumblebee AI was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2019, and trusts OpenBOM to manage the entire on-site design and manufacturing of its products.

The goal of the company is to increase the agriculture yield of your favorite crops through improved pollination. One part art, and one part science, this company designs and manufactures a line of farm field equipment that improves the pollination process by over 50%.

The Peruvian Avacados you just bought at your local grocer or the Mexican Blueberries from the specialty store in your neighborhood may have been made better by the work they do here.

Bumblebee AI products are finding their way onto agriculture sites around the globe and their manufacturing demands are naturally increasing.

“Our Crossbee product is a product that mimics the natural pollination process, that uses an electrical field to extract and applies pollen from flowers”, says Yarden Saad, a Mechanical Engineer at Bumblebee AI.

“With OpenBOM, we manage the data, of all our products, end-to-end”, he says.

Bumblebee AI uses the powerful OpenBOM Reference-Instance model to create part definitions as items in catalogs and then use, and reuse, those master item definitions (as items) in many BOMs.

“The OpenBOM item definition is the key to our success”, he says, “allowing us to keep track of demand, vendors, inventory levels, and the overall flow of our design information to the production floor.”

Bumblebee AI has found the inventory management features of OpenBOM to meet its growing needs as an ERP.

“OpenBOM is also our volume production management tool. We drive purchasing from the BOM using the Order feature, and release Orders to production to drive our manufacturing and assembly.”

“OpenBOM lets us deliver our products to our customers faster.”

According to Yarden, “The process of implementing OpenBOM was easy.”

“We looked at Teamcenter and Solidworks EPDM.  While both met some of our functional needs, they were just too much cost for us to implement. We needed something quick and scaled to our financial needs – these were just too much money to buy and implement and took way too long.”

“OpenBOM has outstanding Solidworks integration and lets us take our designs from GrabCAD straight into OpenBOM.”

“We started small with OpenBOM features, and gradually grew into it.  The onboarding and support from the OpenBOM team are excellent.”

“The cost analysis we can do now with a reliable BOM is very important to the company and the where-used feature lets us analyze the impact of a single change across the product line. We didn’t know what we were missing, neither of these features is available in CAD BOM tools.”

“OpenBOM has some great training and help on their help portal (  We studied the documentation and developed an implementation plan – and it worked.”

“We do not have to do anything manually anymore, our BOMs come from CAD and flow through the organization. We don’t forget to make changes, no time-consuming errors”, Yarden says.

Like many modern companies, Bumblebee AI is committed to a cloud business architecture.

“The web interface is great and it’s full cloud!  We are committed to cloud tools and are moving internal processes to the cloud as part of our long-term strategy.”

“OpenBOM is a perfect fit for us!”

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