OpenBOM at Onshape Live 23

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
17 February, 2023 | 4 min for reading
OpenBOM at Onshape Live 23

Onshape Live 23 event is coming soon and I’m excited to share more news and invite you to Onshape Live to visit OpenBOM’s virtual booth. You can register here. Onshape Live23 is the annual user conference for Onshape a cloud-based professional MCAD design platform created by the founders of Solidworks led by Jon Hirschtick and his team. Onshape is revolutionizing the way engineers and designers approach product development by offering a unique browser-based tool and collaboration platform.

The uniqueness of Onshape is in browser-based MCAD tool and embedded data management capabilities including change management functions with granular change control, branching, and collaborative editing of geometry. PTC acquired Onshape back in 2019 and is building a future PTC cloud platform called Atlas using Onshape technologies. Learn more about Onshape Live 23

What to Watch at Onshape Live?

OnshapeLive is a great place to learn more about what is going on with Onshape, talk to Onshape technical team, and engage with Onshape customers. It brings a keynote with Onshape leadership and also a multiple-session track.

…. attendees can choose from four different tracks, depending on their interests. Each track will feature three breakout sessions, creating a comprehensive learning experience for CAD enthusiasts. Here’s a brief overview of each track.

Design Process: This track is for business leaders ready to transform their workflows with a cloud-native CAD platform. In the first session, hear from Onshape Enterprise customers who went from evaluation to success by tapping into analytics tools. The second session dives into the agile product development process and how real-life teams adopt the agile workflow. The final session gives a more technical outline of how to transition existing data to Onshape.  

Design Excellence: Follow this track if you want to get the most out of Onshape and learn how the platform continues to expand into new areas of functionality. Attendees will find out how to use Onshape to drive performance. Then the following session outlines the best practices for leveraging Onshape’s built-in PDM. The final session explores supplier collaboration and improving workflows with the use of the Onshape-Arena Connection. 

Advanced Design: Tackling complex design problems? This track is for you. Hear all about CAM in Onshape. Then head over to the session on Onshape’s simulation tools led by Greg Brown. Finally, get the best tips and tricks on advanced surfacing in Onshape. 

For Educators: Are you a teacher using CAD to teach your STEM courses? Join us for the educator track and get up-to-date on everything that’s new in Onshape for Education. The second session will explore how cloud-native CAD opens up more opportunities in academic research and innovative teaching. Complete the track with a presentation on using Onshape for student teams and robot competitions. 

OpenBOM for Onshape

At OpenBOM, we’ve been building integrations for Onshape from the earliest days when Onshape App Store become available. OpenBOM is using the best Onshape integration technologies to integrate both visually (via flyout) and from a process and data standpoint (streamlining data and collaboration between two platforms – Onshape and OpenBOM).

Learn about what OpenBOM does with Onshape in the following publications:

Check OpenBOM virtual booth:

Our recent development for Onshape includes supporting of Onshape release process with seamless event-driven data updates between Onshape and OpenBOM. Check this article:

OpenBOM for Onshape – BOM Update on Release

From One-Click To No-Click Integrated Solution

The last release of OpenBOM for Onshape makes the next step in the OpenBOM innovation and the level of seamless integration. The new integration turns to an event-driven process to eliminate the need from customers to perform manual updates at all. Here is the picture that demonstrates the improvement.

As you can see from the picture above, OpenBOM tracks the Onshape release process and automatically transfers the data – generates the BOM, creates derivative files, and merge changes with a digital BOM. Watch the demo video of the new seamless “no-click” integration. 

Learn what Onshape customers do with OpenBOM – How Xtend Robotics Streamlines the RFQ and PO Process by Using OpenBOM and Onshape.


At OpenBOM we provide a unique level of integrations allowing Onsahpe customers to simplify data management and streamline downstream processes such as BOM management, procurement, costing, supply chain and collaboration. OpenBOM flexible data model, bi-directional integration with Onshape and event-driven release mechanism support allows seamlessly connect design, BOM management and production planning together using the advantages of cloud architecture and SaaS business model. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at Onshape Live. Navigate to OpenBOM virtual booth and learn what we do and how OpenBOM can help Onshape customers.

In the meantime REGISTER FOR FREE and start a 14-day free trial.

Best, Oleg

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