BOM in Project Management

Everything is a project. Product development, manufacturing planning, customer services, NPD (new product development), and ETO (Engineering to Order)… This is only a small set of project activities that you can meet when you step into the manufacturing world. In the modern manufacturing environment, companies are continuously required to collaborate and work with dozens of contractors, suppliers, engineers, and other team members. To collaborate and share information is a crushing responsibility of software to help to manufacture to coordinate and stay on schedule.

The Bill of Materials is a foundation of product information. To have an accurate BOM is a basic you cannot miss. Without such information, your team will be continuously missing the milestones, stepping into the wrong BOM, files, and other related information.

The core elements of OpenBOM to support Collaboration are:

  1. Flexible data model to represent any type of data.
  2. Instant Share and Real-Time Collaboration.
  3. Revision of change management control

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