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Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
29 September, 2022 | 2 min for reading

What is the Role of BOM In Project Management

Everything is a project. Product development, manufacturing planning, customer services, NPD (new product development), and ETO (Engineering to Order)… This is only a small set of project activities that you can meet when you step into the manufacturing world. Why BOM in project management is important? In the modern manufacturing environment, companies are continuously required to collaborate and work with dozens of contractors, suppliers, engineers, and other team members. To collaborate and share information is a crushing responsibility of software to help to manufacture to coordinate and stay on schedule.

Why Project Management and BOM integration is Important 

Project management tools are usually focusing on tasks management and team performance. But complex engineering and manufacturing projects are critically dependent on essential product information to be provided to team members. 

The Bill of Materials is the lifeblood of product development. It is part of the core specification in project management when it comes to the planning design, manufacturing, supply chain, and production tasks. It is a foundation of product information. To have an accurate BOM is a basic you cannot miss. Without such information, your team will be continuously missing the milestones, stepping into the wrong BOM, files, and other related information.

Benefits of Using OpenBOM Integrated with Project Management Tools 

Modern project management tools are usually SaaS (online services) used by all members of your organization. Integrating them with OpenBOM in an easy way is the key function to make product information transparently available for everyone and to have the right information at your fingertips at the right time. 

OpenBOM helps you to streamline project execution and provide product information at the right. OpenBOM is designed to include product information in every project management task. It all starts from the OpenBOM data model to represent any type of information, instant share and collaboration, and change management. 

Product information is always up to date and your team is always on the same BOM. Check the following articles from OpenBOM online help to see how OpenBOM can help.

These are the benefits of using OpenBOM integrated with project management tools:

  • SaaS and easy to integrate product information
  • Data sharing and information available in the context
  • Streamline communication between engineering and project management teams

Learn more about OpenBOM data sharing capabilities 

Share Data and Collaboration using OpenBOM

Check the following articles from OpenBOM online help to see how OpenBOM can help.

Share Data and Collaboration using OpenBOM

OpenBOM User-Defined VIews and Team Views

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BOM in project management?

Bill of Materials of the product or project (sometimes work-breakdown structure associated with the project)

What is the use of BOM?

To represent the product information

What is the BOM structure?

Usually the structure of components used in the product. Can be dependent on the lifecycle, stage, etc.

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