Demystifying Modern PLM – Product (Webinar Recording)

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
2 November, 2021 | 3 min for reading
Demystifying Modern PLM – Product (Webinar Recording)

Welcome to the next session of the “Demystifying Modern PLM” event. Our online event is a set of four webinars for manufacturing companies, engineers, contractors, and suppliers who work in a modern online industrial world. If you missed our previous session you can get a recording here: Demystify Modern PLM – Sales and Marketing.

In this session we will speak about the heart of everything – products. How Modern PLM ideas, technologies and tools are impacting product development, what tools and services to use and, most importantly, how to develop the products that customers love and want. 

The Overall Event

In this web event the co-founders of OpenBOM™, a leading SaaS digital network-based global collaborative platform, and Share PLM, a leading education technology company, will focus on sharing their knowledge and experience of developing modern PLM systems.

These four interactive sessions will cover the Technology, Product, Marketing, and Education aspects of modern product development environments, and focus on best practices that both companies have gathered through their work with customers across the globe.


Legacy PLM products are monolithic systems that must be installed, configured, and tuned. The overall process was taking a long time and once done companies were not running fast enough to make another cycle of the product deployment. Such on-premise product environments served a very large enterprise company spending months (sometimes years) to get it done. It is still an ok process, but there is something new happening – PLM products are turning into services that can be run all the time, all over the world, available to everyone and providing an environment that can be used by multiple companies at the same time, seamlessly upgraded and individually configured for each user and/or company. 

Moving from products to services brings a huge difference to the PLM industry and all customers using new PLM services. Here are the top differentiating features of these products. 

  • Scalable data management
  • Global data access and instant data sharing 
  • Data intelligence and analytics 

The biggest difference is the focus on a broad spectrum of user experience that starts from the first time a potential customer touches the website and goes much further than installation and configuration by connecting to the customers that are using products in real-time. This is the list of what is covered by a modern user experience: 

  • Marketing
  • Sales 
  • Technical Presale
  • Application Features 
  • Online Support 
  • New Features 
  • Problem Fixes 
  • Customer feedback and Net Promoter Score

Video and Slide Deck

The recording of the webinar is in the video below:

Also, please find a slide deck we used for the presentation. 

Register to the following sessions of the event

It is not too late to register for the last session of the OpenBOM Share PLM event. Please navigate to the following link to register.Conclusion

We are excited to share our knowledge and experience in the development of modern PLM systems together with our partners and colleagues from Share PLM.

Please stay connected with us, to follow OpenBOM’s blog and social media as well as REGISTER FOR FREE to learn more about how OpenBOM can help you. 

Best, Oleg

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