Why Is OpenBOM Switching To Concurrent Subscriptions?

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
2 June, 2021 | 4 min for reading
Why Is OpenBOM Switching To Concurrent Subscriptions?

The manufacturing industry is changing. The transformation that it is currently going through is tremendous and it’s making quite the stir.  

Truth be told, the last year of Covid has flipped the manufacturing industry upside down making product data management tools that much more important.    

What’s leading the change?

There are several megatrends behind this manufacturing transformation. The first one is technological, which is called SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud). The combination of these technologies creates a critical level of tech innovation to drive the industry forward. 

The second one is connected manufacturing (or Industry 4.0). In a nutshell, it means that manufacturing companies are moving from being individual players to being part of a global manufacturing network combined with customers, OEMs, contractors, and suppliers all working together. 

Last but not least, there is the DATA trend. I put DATA in capitals because data is fast becoming the new oil. Successful manufacturing companies should be able to figure out how data can help them grow and outperform their competitors. 

At OpenBOM we see the opportunity to help manufacturing companies be successful by following modern technological and business trends. 

OpenBOM is building a patented multi-tenant data management and collaboration platform helping manufacturing companies manage product information, organize processes, and connect with contractors and suppliers. 

OpenBOM is a modern multi-tenant SaaS network-based platform that is available globally and provides a unique set of features and capabilities. But most importantly, OpenBOM is following a modern agile product development methodology, which for us means following our vision strategically, but working together with our customers to build solutions tactically. Our strength is in the combination of these two elements together. 

Growing With Our Customers

Over the course of the last months, OpenBOM experienced tremendous growth in the full spectrum of our business. We’ve been adding many new features and scaled OpenBOM offerings to provide solutions for larger companies and divisions of global enterprises and industrial leaders. Check out our OpenBOM customers to learn more about what we’ve accomplished. Also check OpenBOM G2 reviews. 

To continue our business growth and to bring the next level to our business support, we will be making changes in the structure of OpenBOM subscription licensing as well as making changes in OpenBOM’s pricing model to support larger businesses. 

OpenBOM Subscription Levels 

OpenBOM will continue to provide 5 subscription levels: User, Professional User, Professional Team, Company, and Enterprise. There are two types of subscription – MONTHLY, and ANNUAL. The monthly subscription will be the same risk-free subscription you can buy any time and cancel any time. The annual subscription will provide you with the same level of OpenBOM features (at a savings of 20%) but will be billed annually and will provide service for 12 consecutive months.

What is Concurrent Subscription

To differentiate our support to large customers and keep OpenBOM affordable for all other customers, OpenBOM is introducing CONCURRENT user licenses. Concurrent subscription (opposite to named user subscription) is using a mechanism of concurrent consumption of user licenses, which will happen dynamically when users sign-in to OpenBOM Team or Company. You will still have an unlimited number of users in your Team or Company Subscriptions, but we will limit the concurrent (simultaneous) usage, but the available licenses will be allocated when needed to the members of your team.  

What is Coming Next To OpenBOM? 

In addition, OpenBOM will be introducing a set of new features and platform capabilities in the next production update. Here are some of them (more information to follow) 

  • Cloud File Storage (switch from Beta to Production) 
  • Revisions support in OpenBOM catalogs 
  • Item Revisions mechanism 
  • File revision support 
  • CAD Add-in File revision support (coming later this year)
  • Advanced Change Management support (coming later this year)

Stay tuned for more information about the new features and functions later this month. 


The change in OpenBOM’s subscription model is a foundation to grow OpenBOM to serve even more manufacturing companies, engineers, and contractors. Together with that, we created a strategic set of new features that will be coming to OpenBOM in the next few months. At OpenBOM, we are excited about future transformation and growth and we are open to dialog. We’ve been actively listening to our customers, prospects, and market trends to put a powerful strategy to continue developing and growing OpenBOM. 

Are you looking for the next steps on how to expand your engineering and manufacturing software systems? Come to talk to us and learn how OpenBOM can help you. Register for FREE to start your OpenBOM journey today. 

Best, Oleg

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