OpenBOM Subscriptions Overview

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
24 February, 2022 | 6 min for reading
OpenBOM Subscriptions Overview

Industrial companies are constantly evolving with new technology and processes. The engineering and manufacturing process can be complex and difficult to manage. OpenBOM is a cloud-native platform that helps you to manage product information, product lifecycle, connect your engineering and manufacturing teams as well as connect with contractors and suppliers.

OpenBOM provides a platform for users to manage and monitor products throughout their product lifecycle. The subscription options are designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of all sizes. OpenBOM’s subscription options are affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Manufacturers rely on OpenBOM to help them reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve product quality.

At OpenBOM, we help everyone – individual engineer contractors, hardware startups, small manufacturing businesses as well as contract manufacturing companies, digital service providers, and large enterprises. This blog post will provide an overview of the OpenBOM subscriptions.

There are six OpenBOM subscriptions available online.

  • OpenBOM Free User
  • OpenBOM Professional User Subscription
  • OpenBOM Professional Team Subscription
  • OpenBOM Company Subscription
  • OpenBOM Enterprise Subscription
  • OpenBOM Drive Subscription

Check below for more information about the subscription you need and how it will benefit you and your organization.

Annual vs Monthly

OpenBOM provides both annual and monthly subscriptions. There is no difference in functionality if you buy a monthly or annual plan. Some specific subscriptions are not available for monthly plans. These subscriptions require a longer setup and configuration, so we decided not to make them available for a monthly plan. As such – OpenBOM Enterprise Subscription integrates with SOLIDWORKS PDM, Oracle NetSuite, and all custom CAD, PDM, and PLM integration.

Free User

You can register to OpenBOM for free, to create your account, and to perform some basic data management activities such as managing catalogs and items, creating a BOM, saving revisions, and managing the history. This subscription allows you to import data from Excel (or Google Sheet) and perform simple total calculations. You have a fully flexible OpenBOM data model to create the right set of attributes to describe your product data and manage file attachments.

What is the value? This is your basic step in escaping the Excel mess and start bringing your product data to order. We recommend it to all people that realized that managing product data in Excel is NOT a good idea. You will get your product data (Items, BOMs) organized, files collected, and attached, so you won’t need to search it all places anymore.

Professional User

A professional user is a BOM, PLM, and ERP superpower for a single user. You’re getting an incredible amount of features making it possible to manage flattened BOMs, add formulas and manage rollups, export data in various formats, manage inventories, orders, and POs. A professional user gets access to CAD add-ins (note- check for those that are included in subscription) and also allows you to export data to various formats – xls, csv, pdf, zip packages (with files).

What is the value? This is a personal engineering and operation manager. Think about individual BOM Management (BOM), PDM and ERP combined together with the top features you need to organize product information, capture and organize CAD data automatically, manage vendors and perform purchasing activity. Cost rollups and other data analysis, ability to organize and track what you need to order.

Professional Team

Stepping from a single user to a group of people – this is what Team Subscription gives you. OpenBOM implements familiar instant sharing capabilities that became so popular on the web and SaaS applications by allowing you to let a group of people share data in a controlled way with a predefined set of roles (defined by user-defined and team views). The sharing capabilities are powerful and give you an easy way to get access, to edit it simultaneously by multiple people, and also to control someone else’s data. There are no limitations on who can be included in the team and you are allowed to bring all your engineering teams, individual contributors, contractors, and suppliers under the same roof and establish common grounds for all product-related information.

What is the value? If your team is looking for an engineering bill of materials (BOM), revisions, manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM), purchase orders, and collaboration, this subscription level will give you an incredible level of power and flexibility in data management. Integration with CAD systems allows you to capture data seamlessly and eliminate the need to copy/paste data between multiple systems. The system is fully operating online and OpenBOM makes upgrades automatically.


This subscription level will bring governance and process control in addition to product data management, BOM management, and collaboration provided by lower subscriptions. The core element of company subscription is change management and collaborative approval workflow mechanisms which allow you to run the process for ECO, MCO and introduce a formal control.

What is the value? Change management and configuration control for product development, manufacturing, supply chain, and contract manufacturing companies. You get everything you need from a simple yet powerful PLM system, flexible data model and change orders, change requests, notifications, and powerful data-sharing capabilities.

OpenBOM Drive

This is your modern cloud PDM software. Drive brings virtual cloud storage and file collaboration features combined with vaulting, check-in/out, version control, and state-of-the-art 3D Viewer allowing you to see 100s of different CAD and other formats. Integrated with Windows File Explorer, Web user interface, and OpenBOM CAD Add-ins, it gives you a complete replacement of legacy PDM systems with simplicity and robustness of cloud systems.

What is the value? PDM system. File changes control and instant file sharing.


This is a highly configurable subscription option to get a customizable set of features and functions. It includes everything you have in all OpenBOM subscriptions and adds the ability to integrate with ERP systems, PDM, and other enterprise software. With Bill of Materials and product structure at its core, enterprise subscriptions provide a set of a robust infrastructure that can be used in a multi-tenant cloud environment as well as deploy OpenBOM stack to a separate cloud-hosted environment. So, enterprise features are added to OpenBOM Company subscriptions based on the customer choice (a specific CAD, PDM, ERP integrations or just additional features). 

What is the value? Custom integrations, additional levels of security, SSO, and fully custom deployment. You have your own OpenBOM platform to run for a group of companies (eg. OEM and all suppliers) with OpenBOM DevOps support and all updates performed by OpenBOM.


OpenBOM provides you with a robust set of features and functions that can fit any professional user in the engineering and manufacturing space. Because of the unique features of the OpenBOM multi-tenant platform, you have the capabilities to share data across multiple teams and companies, perform tasks in seamless ways and manage complex product data to support product development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance. If you have any questions about OpenBOM’s subscriptions, please contact support at openbom dot com.

REGISTER FOR FREE and check out what OpenBOM can do for you.

Best, Oleg

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