OpenBOM Subscription – Decision Map

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
2 August, 2022 | 3 min for reading
OpenBOM Subscription – Decision Map

OpenBOM provides a platform for users to manage and monitor products throughout their product lifecycle. The subscription options are designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of all sizes. OpenBOM’s subscription options are affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Manufacturers rely on OpenBOM to help them reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve product quality.

At OpenBOM we are following the modern SaaS approach by providing full information about OpenBOM functions, subscriptions, and pricing and giving you help and assistance to choose the right subscription for you.

OpenBOM Prices

You can find all information about OpenBOM pricing online. Our pricing page is always up to date and you can see subscriptions with different terms (monthly or annual). You can get full disclosure of what features are available in each subscription. In general, they are not complex and you have three main subscription levels – User, Team, and Company.

OpenBOM Subscription Overview

You can find a full subscription overview and details in OpenBOM Training Library – Subscription Plans, including guidance about each level and purpose of the subscription. Here are multiple levels you can get:

  • Free user
  • Free Trial Subscription (starts with 14 days)
  • Non-commercial Professional User (for qualified users only)
  • Professional User
  • Professional Team
  • Company
  • OpenBOM Drive
  • Enterprise

Concurrent Licenses

A special feature of OpenBOM Team and Company Subscriptions is the concurrent licenses model. We provide an unlimited number of named users and we only measure the number of active connections (concurrent logins). This is the number of users that can log in to OpenBOM at the same time. It starts from five but can be extended.

Subscriptions- Decision Map

In the picture below, you can see a map that can help you to choose what subscription you need. The picture is self-explanatory. However, here is a brief guide that will help you make the right choice.

First, you register to OpenBOM. It is free, the only thing you need is an email. You can create an account in a minute. No credit card is needed. You can immediately start a 14-days trial. If it is not enough and you need to extend, please talk to our sales team. If you can qualify for a non-commercial free user, contact us via the website – then follow the email. If you’re a single user, you need a Professional User plan. That is very simple and easy to buy. If you’re a multi-user organization, start with a Team subscription. It will give you a lot of value. However, if you need ECR/ECO functionality and changes to the approval process, then step it up with the Company subscription. For special integrations, contact us about Enterprise. If you’re using desktop file-based CAD system and you need PDM functions, add OpenBOM Drive subscription. 


OpenBOM subscriptions are simple yet powerful. You can start simple and expand later. All your data will automatically move – no migration is needed. You can choose between a monthly and annual plan – talk to our sales about the advantages. OpenBOM is a modern SaaS-based platform that is easy to start and expand as you need.

REGISTER FOR FREE to check out how OpenBOM can help you today.

Best, Oleg

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