OpenBOM Professional User Superpower

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
4 May, 2022 | 3 min for reading
OpenBOM Professional User Superpower

OpenBOM is available through subscriptions. For the last few years, we made multiple transformations to OpenBOM subscription levels, improving our service and adjusting it based on customer needs, requirements, and also turning it into a business that makes sense to both sides. The more successful we are, the better service we can provide to our customers. 

So, if you didn’t change your OpenBOM subscription for quite some time, I recommend you refresh your memory and check out our pricing as well as what features of subscriptions are available because you will find a lot of good surprises there. 

BOM, RFQ, Inventory, and Purchasing Powerhouse 

While you can do some work with OpenBOM Free User subscription, our professional user plan is a real powerhouse. OpenBOM professional user provides you a full scope of features capable of doing the work of a PDM and PLM system combined with the capabilities of inventory management, RFQ and POs.

Here is a business process OpenBOM Supports in a single user plan. 

Here is a list of capabilities you can find in OpenBOM Professional User Plan: 

  • Item Management
  • Revision Control 
  • Bill of Materials Management 
  • Single / Multi- / Flattened BOM
  • BOM revisions (top-down / bottom-up) 
  • Formula, cost and rollups 
  • PDM and File Management 
  • Vendors and multi-sourcing 
  • Inventory control
  • MBOM, Planning 
  • RFQ and POs 

Digital Transformation: From Excel To Cloud Platform 

There is a good reason we give all these functionalities in the single-user subscription. It is all about digital transformation and re-thinking the way you work. Working with thousands of companies we found that all of them are experiencing the Excel disease. Their data is spread out over multiple spreadsheets copies, there is no single source of truth and there is no good organization of data handover in a company. 

At the same time, these companies are small, nimble, and agile. Which requires a change. But changes are not simple. You need to find a person who will take on the mission to digitally transform a company and want to empower this person with a super tool to make it happen. 

OpenBOM Professional User subscription is the tool. It gives you all the power to digitally transform the way your company manages data, performs planning, sourcing, cost analysis, inventory control, and many other things. So, if you’re on the mission to digital transformation – OpenBOM is your tool with an amazing subscription price for a single professional user. 


OpenBOM professional user subscription is a superpower we give to all customers that want to start small and grow. It is a tool with almost all the features and functions OpenBOM Provides concentrated at the hands of a single user. This user can re-architect the entire data management process for a company, implement it and run it by him/herself. Once it is done, it is ready to be expanded to a Team Plan. But I will talk about that in my next article. 

REGISTER TO OPENBOM FOR FREE and start a 14-day free trial to experience OpenBOM Professional User Superpower. 

Best, Oleg

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