OpenBOM Identified as High Performer in PLM according to G2 Crowd Winter 2020 Grid® report

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
19 December, 2019 | 2 min for reading
OpenBOM Identified as High Performer in PLM according to G2 Crowd Winter 2020 Grid®  report

A few weeks ago, we shared news about OpenBOM on G2 Crowd Inc, the world’s leading business solutions review website. If you missed that article, check this out here – What customers and users are saying about OpenBOM on G2 Crowd. We’ve been excited by the support of our customers saying so many good words about OpenBOM and how it helps them in their everyday work.  It resulted in amazing results – in the G2 Crowd Winter 2020 Grid® Report, OpenBOM was recognized as a high performer. Also, we took one of the top scores in customer relationships dashboard. 

Here is a passage from our press release earlier this morning 

OpenBOM earned top positions in all categories based on the reviews provided by OpenBOM customers online. Products are ranked by customer satisfaction determined by user reviews and market presence including market share, vendor size, and social impact. Products in the high performer quadrant are highly rated by G2 Crowd reviews. 

“We are proud to be named as a high-performer of G2Crowd’s PLM grid,” said Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO and co-founder of OpenBOM. “At OpenBOM there is no better measurement for our focus on the relationships and commitments we provide to our customers,” said Shilovitsky. “When manufacturing companies are purchasing OpenBOM, our commitment is to give you the best product and best support. Our customer commitment is reflected in positive customer reviews on G2 Crowd.”

OpenBOM has a unique SaaS solution, which helps manufacturing companies manage Catalogs, Bill of Materials, Vendors, and Purchases. These functions are the core foundation of every PLM solution. OpenBOM is focusing on small and medium-sized manufacturing companies by providing a very unique solution, customer experience, and support. OpenBOM’s unmatched real-time collaboration and simultaneous editing functions combined with a rich set of CAD, PDM, PLM, and ERP integrations is like nothing else in the PLM market for mid-sized manufacturing companies. 

If you want to read G2 Crowd Winter 2020 reports, you can find them here: 

PLM Grid® Report

PLM Relationships Index Report.

Please navigate here to read all OpenBOM reviews.


2019 was a great year for OpenBOM. G2 Crowd Report was an awesome final accord like an icing on the cake to bring OpenBOM to the next level of achievements in 2020. 

OpenBOM December release is still coming. You will get tons of new stuff there. Please stay tuned. 

Read OpenBOM customer reviews on G2 Crowd to learn what customers are saying about OpenBOM. 

Try OpenBOM today by registering to FREE OpenBOM User Subscription.  

Best, Oleg @ openbom dot com.

Let’s get to know each other better. If you live in the Greater Boston area, I invite you for a coffee together (coffee is on me). If not nearby, let’s have a virtual coffee session — I will figure out how to send you a real coffee.

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