What customers and users are saying about OpenBOM on G2 Crowd?

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
16 November, 2019 | 4 min for reading
What customers and users are saying about OpenBOM on G2 Crowd?

We are reviewing everything these days. From 25$ earbuds and 100$ hotel rooms to phones computers, apartments, trips… you name it. A consumer economy is booming and it is impacting business software. I’m sure you’ve heard about Yelp and it is a time to discover G2 Crowd reviews.

At OpenBOM we are all about users and customers. Our vision from the early beginning was to build software in tight collaboration with our users, learning from them and gradually improving our service over time based on customer feedback. The idea is simple, but the execution is not and requires everyday focus. 

Our company helps users to have unique experiences. You can quickly and simply select the needed features and functionality, get track progress on bills of material (BOM) and start selling automatically. Isn’t that great?

We share our customer stories online. If you missed that, please navigate to OpenBOM user stories and read more about how OpenBOM helps engineers, manufacturing planners, purchasing and supply chain engineers, contractors, and suppliers.  Among top use cases is creating of Bill of Material from various CAD systems, cost calculation, catalog management, and purchases. This is the core business and everyday life of manufacturing companies. OpenBOM is taking you away from Excel hell. 

Today, I want to share more about what customers and users are saying about OpenBOM on G2 Crowd. I found these stories interesting and helpful especially if you’re in the process of making a decision about the PLM system. Check what OpenBOM customers are saying and learn how OpenBOM can be compared to other PLM systems featured on G2 Crowd in the PLM group. 

Few of my favorite quotes: 

“Works great with Fusion360”.

I needed to export a parts list from a huge Fusion assembly that had many thousands of parts. There is no way to do that from Fusion directly without OpenBOM. The ability to do multilevel, single-level and flattened BOMs was a big help. 

Problem solves: Being able to export to a spreadsheet and having thumbnails of each part were also big advantages. I literally had no practical way to make this huge parts list until I discovered OpenBOM. The low price and the ability for others to make their own account and work with the BOM without having or knowing how to use Fusion also helped my project.

“Very useful and time-saving”

The interface is pretty simple and it allows for a bill of materials to be created easily and efficiently. We were previously using Excel and it was very time consuming and did not have the features that OpenBOM does. The ability to import from Solidworks is also a huge benefit. 

Problem solves: It is much easier for us to track progress on our bills of materials and ensure that all of the parts have been ordered. It makes communication between myself and the purchasing team much easier. 

“Using OpenBOM with Onshape to enable ease of sharing and calculation of subtotals”

Direct connection of CAD model properties to OpenBOM which enable properties to be updated from either location. The pictures in the OpenBOM cells help to visualize parts and subtotal can be used to calculate product costings.

Problem solves: Enable calculations for pricing using the CAD model data. Updates to CAD can be pushed through to the OpenBOM to eliminate retyping.

“Re-Engineering Inconsistent Excel Bom’s”

The whole idea of live catalogs and pricing all around is a winner. OpenBOM Simplifies this process into an easy to use user interface.

Problem solves: Consistent descriptions. It helps us not to use obsolete or re-numbered parts. We have a reference catalog that can tell us bad/wrong Part Numbers. we also use it to show when a part goes EOL. this is useful to program into it.

Read more OpenBOM G2 Crowd OpenBOM reviews by navigating to OpenBOM G2 Profile.


Bill of Materials and Product Lifecycle Management domain is well-know for its complexity and high cost. OpenBOM is coming with a simple concepts and cloud technologies to simplify the whole thing and make it affordable and easy to use. 

Check OpenBOM today and register for a free user account here.

Best, Oleg @ openbom dot com.

Let’s get to know each other better. If you live in the Greater Boston area, I invite you for a coffee together (coffee is on me). If not nearby, let’s have a virtual coffee session — I will figure out how to send you a real coffee.

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