OpenBOM 2023 – Choose Your Best Plan For Cloud PDM, PLM, and Inventory Control

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
2 January, 2023 | 3 min for reading
OpenBOM 2023 – Choose Your Best Plan For Cloud PDM, PLM, and Inventory Control

Happy New Year dear friends and welcome to 2023!

Before moving forward, I want to thank all OpenBOM customers and everyone who subscribed to OpenBOM in 2022. We appreciate your business, and your early commitment to OpenBOM and always provide the best deals and opportunities to everyone who trusted us early as we grow. Learn more about OpenBOM customers and online reviews on our website.

The previous year (now we can say that) was an amazing year in expanding the OpenBOM business, expanding OpenBOM services with new capabilities and functions, growing the number of customers, and learning about how to optimize OpenBOM service for better customer experience.

In my first blog this year, I want to give you an update about OpenBOM subscriptions and help you to choose the right one.

What changed in 2023?

Less is more. We’ve been learning together with all our customers during 2022 and we made a few important decisions about the simplification of subscriptions. Here are three important changes:

  • Team subscription now starts from 3 concurrent licenses
  • Drive is included in all subscriptions
  • No single-user subscription

Check the new subscription plans here.

Team vs Company?

Your key decision is between Team and Company, which basically reflects the maturity of your organization and the complexity of the processes. For smaller and more agile organizations, Team provides everything you need – PDM, BOM management, Inventory, Purchasing planning, Revision control, and collaboration.

If you’re looking for more sophisticated processes and mostly for change management, and ECR/ECO processes, you choose Company Subscription. It includes all Team subscription features.


Are you a startup and looking for a better way to manage product information than Excel and Dropbox? OpenBOM is exactly what you need. Check OpenBOM for Startup offerings. Check this out.

Do I Need an OpenBOM Enterprise Subscription

Unless you plan a more complex enterprise integration, looking for SSO and special deployment, you don’t need an enterprise subscription. Starting with a Team or Company is your safe choice.

Annual vs Monthly?

OpenBOM gives you a unique opportunity in the product data management (PDM), and product lifecycle management (PLM) world to choose a monthly subscription. The flexibility is our commitment to serving you and earning your business month by month. If you like to make small steps, the monthly subscription is for you. You can go at your own speed, purchase premium onboarding when you need it and grow your PDM and PLM projects together with us. You’re basically trading an extra cost of onboarding vs annual commitment. You can change your mind at any moment and switch to the annual plan (no data migration or extra cost).


Are you looking for a comprehensive cloud-based PDM and PLM system to handle all your product design, development, and manufacturing needs? Are you looking at how to organize inventory and manage to purchase of components integrated with product lifecycle management (PLM) functions? OpenBOM 2023 is just what you’re searching for! 

This innovative platform offers unparalleled scalability and flexibility when it comes to managing and tracking your entire product lifecycle. With our rich feature set that includes change management, bill of materials (BOM), project costing & estimating, supply chain planning & optimization, 3D CAD integration & visualization… plus much more; OpenBOM allows you to build the perfect plan based on your team’s size and budget.

REGISTER FOR FREE and unlock the power of cloud PLM/PDM with OpenBOM today!

Best, Oleg

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