ManuFuture for OpenBOM – Registration and Demo Video

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
22 December, 2022 | 3 min for reading
ManuFuture for OpenBOM – Registration and Demo Video

Earlier this month, we announced integrations between OpenBOM and ManuFuture platforms. If you missed our press release please check it here – OpenBOM and ManuFuture Announces Partnership to Streamline Product Development and Custom Parts Bidding Process

OpenBOM and ManuFuture partnerships extend both platforms’ complementary functions by providing an integrated and connected platform to support project data management, collaboration, and custom part bidding processes. OpenBOM and ManuFuture partnership gives you a simple way to manage the entire product development process. This includes product lifecycle management, project management, quality management, document collaboration, and custom parts bidding process. Both OpenBOM and ManuFuture are cloud-native platforms that give you access to all these features globally anywhere in the world.

What is ManuFuture? 

ManuFuture is a B2B marketplace for custom parts manufacturing. The platform enables users to order-track-receive their custom parts from a globally vetted network of suppliers, the platform makes custom parts production simpler, easier, and more cost-efficient. ManuFuture cloud platform provides full support and transparency for the duration of the production process including engineering requirements management, production files & data, and direct communication collaboration with the suppliers.

Here is a partial list of available ManuFuture features: 

  • Easy way to define engineering and commercial requirements.
  • You select from which countries to get quotes.
  • Choose bid and delivery times.
  • Anonymous and encrypted bids.
  • Collaborate and communicate directly with suppliers for questions and answers. 
  • Select the preferred quote for each project including unit, shipping, and handling prices.
  • Track the production and delivery status.
  • Manage different destinations for parts to be delivered.

Not only will you benefit from many more features, but you can also rest assured knowing that you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the quality of the parts.

The process is simple, and efficient and ensures that users always receive the best possible delivery times with the best prices for their custom parts – without compromising on the quality.

Why Do You Need ManuFuture and OpenBOM working together? 

The manufacturing process can be complex, requiring coordination between product development, procurement, and contractors. By partnering with ManuFuture, OpenBOM aims to provide an integrated environment for quick and easy ordering and bidding on custom parts that meet customers’ needs.

ManuFuture extends OpenBOM by connecting two processes together: 

  1. Design and engineering process with seamless Item, BOM, and PLM functionality.
  2. Quick and easy order process for mechanical parts including bidding process. 

Both OpenBOM and ManuFuture are cloud-native platforms that give our customers a seamless fully integrated environment to design and build their products. OpenBOM customers will gain more capabilities in managing their custom part production with ManuFuture. The integration will provide hardware companies with more robust tools for managing their BOMs and other important information on top of ManuFuture’s global production platform.

How to get access to ManuFuture 

If you’re an OpenBOM user, you have a special registration link that allows you to create a ManuFuture account including ManuFuture OpenBOM integration. 

REGISTER HERE to get access to ManuFuture now. 

Register Here To Get Access To ManuFuture Now

Video Demo

Once you get a ManuFuture account with OpenBOM integration, you can start uploading your projects and place quotes. Check the following video with a detailed demo of how it works. 


Digital transformation is in the air and manufacturing companies are looking for connected cloud-native platforms that can streamline their engineering and manufacturing, and eliminate manual data re-entry, mistakes, and old-fashioned document / fax / phone processes.

Integrating OpenBOM with ManuFuture gives an easy data handover, eliminating mistakes and making the process of custom part bidding and ordering fast lowering the total cost of the products.

REGISTER FOR FREE to check how OpenBOM can help you. 

Best, Oleg 

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