Introducing xLM Solutions: Empowering Flexible Data Management with OpenBOM

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
8 February, 2024 | 4 min for reading
Introducing xLM Solutions: Empowering Flexible Data Management with OpenBOM

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing and engineering sectors, the ability to access and manage data efficiently is crucial for success in the process of designing and building products. Companies face the challenge of navigating the complexities of product development while ensuring seamless collaboration across global teams. This is where the importance of flexible data management and implementation becomes undeniable. No single engineering team or manufacturing company operates identically, highlighting the need for flexible PLM solutions and the ability to deliver tailored solutions that can adapt to diverse requirements to support the product development process.

OpenBOM emerges as a PLM system, offering a cloud-native solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) that changes how engineers, manufacturers, and industrial companies manage their design and operations. It includes unique PLM technology using modern graph database technology, document management, and integrated process management combining product lifecycle and raw materials management. It allows you to connect engineering and manufacturing processes to manage the entire lifecycle of the product starting from computer aided design (CAD) to supply chain management and operations.

However, the effectiveness of such a flexible PLM solution can be significantly enhanced by the dedication and expertise of its partners. This is where xLM Solutions steps in, bringing over two decades of experience in PDM/PLM implementations to the table.

The xLM Difference

I have known the xLM Solution team for two decades of working in the PLM industry. What differentiated xLM is their dedication to finding a solution for complex problems. xLM Solutions specializes in making complex implementation simple. The expertise lies not just in system configuration—a process streamlined by OpenBOM’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model—but also in our deep understanding of OpenBOM’s API and the potential for custom integrations. These integrations are invaluable for companies looking to connect multiple SaaS applications, legacy systems, and data sources to OpenBOM, creating a cohesive and efficient digital ecosystem.

Customization is a cornerstone of the value xLM offers. While OpenBOM is known for its out-of-the-box features, including built-in plugins for major software like SOLIDWORKS, Oracle NetSuite, Creo, PTC Onshape, and Autodesk Fusion 360, xLM recognizes that each business has unique needs. Our role is to configure and tailor OpenBOM to fit these specific requirements, whether it involves integrating with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, e-commerce platforms, or other business software. This ensures that OpenBOM aligns perfectly with your business processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Customer feedback is extremely important to build a successful solution. xLM Solutions team’s capability extends to developing custom OpenBOM commands for specialized tasks such as data export, among other specific requirements. xLM is committed to optimizing your user experience with OpenBOM, offering resources like instructional videos and custom solutions designed to maximize the platform’s benefits.

Beyond Software: Comprehensive Support and Education

xLM partnership with OpenBOM extends beyond software customization to include comprehensive support and education. It includes helping the customers to develop business strategies to support any engineering challenges in managing product data.

Understanding the small details of BOM management and PLM/PDM services is essential for any organization striving for operational excellence. With xLM Solutions, clients gain access to Q&A sessions, BOM management instruction, and deep insights into the world of product lifecycle management.

Why Choose OpenBOM with xLM Solutions?

Selecting a modern PLM software is an important step in your digital transformation journey. Choosing OpenBOM, facilitated by xLM Solutions, means opting for a solution that offers:

  • An easy-to-use interface inspired by spreadsheet UX paradigm, designed for intuitive navigation and database driven performance
  • Robust integration capabilities with existing engineering and manufacturing tools and popular software (SOLIDWORKS, Fusion360, Creo, Onsahpe, and many others)
  • A flexible data model that adapts to the unique needs of your business empowered by Graph Database and other modern cloud and web data management solutions.
  • Real-time collaboration features enabling data sharing and editing across global teams. OpenBOM holds US patents for unique BOM management collaboration capabilities. 
  • Comprehensive management tools for production, procurement planning, BOM, CAD, and item changes.

Conclusion: Enhancing Customer Value through Partner Collaboration

The collaboration between OpenBOM and xLM Solutions exemplifies how the integration of platform capabilities with expert skills can multiply customer value. By choosing to work with xLM Solutions, companies can unlock the full potential of OpenBOM, benefiting from customized solutions, seamless integrations, and comprehensive support designed to optimize operations.

If you’re considering OpenBOM for your operations or seeking to enhance your current setup, xLM Solutions is ready to assist. Our expertise in implementation, integration, customization, and data migration makes us your ideal OpenBOM partner.

REGISTER now to use OpenBOM and contact xLM Solutions to discover more about our impactful implementations and how we can tailor OpenBOM to meet your unique business needs.

Best, Oleg

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