Sneak Peek: First Preview of OpenBOM Folder and File Batch Uploader

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
3 February, 2023 | 4 min for reading
Sneak Peek: First Preview of OpenBOM Folder and File Batch Uploader

I have something really cool today to talk about. Let’s talk about Folders and Files. Every company has a lot of them. They are everywhere – in your local discs and network drives, USB flash drives, and cloud storage. Folders and files were a popular paradigm of data management for years because it offers familiarity, organization, scalability, compatibility, flexibility, and ease of use, which are important considerations for effective data management.

How To Digitally Transform Folders and Files?

Uploading files and folders, to organize data is a big deal. At the age when companies are looking at how to digitally transform their activities, folders, and files are a big hindrance to digital transformation. Here is just a short list of problems you can face when managing data using folders and files.

  1. Inadequate data structure: Folders and files may not provide the necessary structure to effectively manage complex and large amounts of data, leading to disorganization and difficulties in finding information.
  2. Limited data discovery: Folders and files can make it challenging to find and access the information you need, particularly as the volume of data grows.
  3. Lack of data interoperability: Folders and files can be difficult to integrate with other systems and technologies, limiting the ability to share and exchange data effectively.
  4. Security vulnerabilities: Folders and files are vulnerable to security threats, such as hacking and data breaches, which can compromise sensitive information.
  5. Inability to scale: As the volume of data grows, the folder and file structure may become unwieldy and difficult to manage, limiting the ability to scale data management processes.

Overall, storing data in folders and files can be a barrier to digital transformation because it can lead to an inadequate data structure, limited data discovery, lack of data interoperability, security vulnerabilities, and inability to scale.

From Folders/Files to Item Catalogs and Product Structures

Speaking with many engineering organizations and manufacturing companies we found that companies are looking at how to digitally transform their legacy engineering folders/files storages into meaningful sets of information. This is what we do with OpenBOM.

I’m sure you’re tired of transforming folders and files into manageable sets of information. Imagine you’re getting data from your contractors or suppliers and need to organize them in OpenBOM. Speaking with many customers we found how often companies are looking at how to turn data into structured information located in OpenBOM with attached files and all metadata. It can be data coming from multiple projects or sources that need to be combined.

We’ve been working on creating a better solution and now we’re ready to share our first preview of the OpenBOM File Uploader. This new file uploader provides an easy way for everyone in the company to quickly upload BOM data from folders, files, and spreadsheets and organize it in a variety of forms. Keep reading this post to get a sneak peek at what’s inside!

File/Folder Uploader Preview

Meet the first version of OpenBOM file uploader that is capable to capture information from your folders and files and automatically create catalogs and product structures, get preview images, and classify all files into multiple groups.

OpenBOM File Uploader does exactly what I just described. You will need to install it in your Windows system and point to a specific folder with a few settings to be done about how to automatically generate part numbers or use file names. Everything else will be done automatically. The output is a full structure set of objects with files attached and loaded to OpenBOM.

The information is nicely organized and available from the OpenBOM dashboard, which allows you to access it to everyone, to share it with your team, contractors, and suppliers and capture revisions and changes.

Sneak Peek Video

Watch the first video demonstrating the new OpenBOM file uploader in action.


The power of OpenBOM file/folder data uploader is unrivaled for companies looking to digitally transform their engineering data. With OpenBOM’s flexible data model, files and folders can be quickly uploaded and transformed into digital assets that are easily accessible and organized. Companies benefit from advanced search capabilities, robust version control, and the ability to collaborate on projects with different stakeholders across the enterprise in real-time. 

This provides businesses with a user-friendly platform that allows them to spend less time on manual processes like uploading files and more time focusing on other strategic initiatives that will help increase efficiency, save money, and ultimately grow their business. OpenBOM file/folder data uploader is an invaluable tool for any organization looking to unlock the full potential of its engineering resources.

OpenBOM file uploader will become available in OpenBOM in the next release.

In the meantime, you can REGISTER FOR FREE and check how OpenBOM can help you today.

Best, Oleg 

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