OpenBOM At Autodesk DevCon 2024, Boston

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
18 May, 2024 | 3 min for reading
OpenBOM At Autodesk DevCon 2024, Boston

Earlier this week, I attended Autodesk DevCon 2024, a conference organized by the Autodesk Platform Service group for developers and partners using the Autodesk platform and technologies. At OpenBOM, our strategy is to build strong relationships with CAD companies and develop integrations with all engineering data sources (CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, PLM) to support seamless information flow in the organization and digital thread connectivity.  Last year, I attended Autodesk DevCon in San Francisco. You can find more information in my previous articles – Autodesk DevCon 2023, and OpenBOM Autodesk Platform Services (APS) Integrations

Autodesk Platform Services 

Autodesk’s strategic direction to support an open data strategy focusing on manufacturing and AEC data model and API is powerful and provides a strong foundation for development partners building their solutions and integrating with Autodesk Platform Services and other Autodesk tools. Emile Kfouri, Senior Director of Platform Engineering, Developer Ecosystem opened the Autodesk DevCon 2024 in Boston by highlighting how much data we create every day and why it is important to be able to process, connect and make sense of data for decision-making in organizations to support business growth and sustainability efforts. 

I participated in a fireside chat discussing Building Integration Ecosystem with Autodesk Data Models and Data Exchange APIs together with Milt Capsimalis of CoolOrange, and Nem Kumar of CCTech. Organized and moderated by Aditi Khedkar, Senior Product Manager responsible for Manufacturing Data Model APIs. During the session, we discussed the main trend we see now in the company development processes, challenges, and opportunities. Also, we discussed how Autodesk’s platform strategy helps us to achieve our goals. 

How OpenBOM Streamlined Autodesk Fusion360 Integration Using APS

My presentation about how OpenBOM developed integration with both Autodesk Fusion and Autodesk Platform services using Manufacturing Data Model API gives you a perspective on how you can build an integrated product with ease and power of data communication with Autodesk tools. 

Check the slide deck via the link here. [ LINK TBD] 

In my presentation, I outlined the OpenBOM roadmap and lessons learned related to developing Autodesk Fusion 360 integration first, using client APIs and then moving forward to leverage  Autodesk Platform Services and Manufacturing Data APIs. 

Here I outlined the advantages of building OpenBOM integration with Autodesk Platform Services. It clearly supports both OpenBOM and Autodesk’s strategy for data openness and integration using APIs. 

Autodesk Platform Service Roadmap and Community

Tulika Garg Director of Products | Platform Ecosystem and Developer Platform Services provided a great perspective on Autodesk APS feature set and roadmap. I’m very excited about Autodesk Platform Services strategy, development, and customer advocacy. 

And it is always great to have a direct connection with such a great partner like Autodesk and Autodesk Platform Services group. 

The rock stars behind the organization of Autodesk DevCon 2024 in Boston – Marnee Hernandez & Julia Eremeeva!  It was amazing to see how much work you have put into coordinating the event. 

Photo credit: Jamie Rozales D.


Great event organization by Autodesk combined with excellent sessions with technical information as well as a vibrant Autodesk development community is a foundation for great events. Autodesk DevCon 2024 in Boston was a great event because of the things I mentioned above. It is always a great opportunity to learn and talk to people. 

If you’re interested in what OpenBOM does, check out our website to create a free trial and learn how OpenBOM can help. 

Best, Oleg

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