Inside Look On How To Import Catalogs To OpenBOM

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
26 April, 2021 | 2 min for reading
Inside Look On How To Import Catalogs To OpenBOM

Catalogs are a fundamental part of OpenBOM data management – a foundation for all data. You can think of catalogs as a granular collection of data about items.

Anything can be an item – material, standard part, assembly and even labor. You can create as many catalogs as you need in OpenBOM and provide granular access to these catalogs to your team, suppliers and contracts. 

Some of the catalogs can be exclusively shared with contractors and suppliers to provide data. Structured this way, the contractor will be able to share information with you without getting access to your Bill of Materials. 

OpenBOMs Data Flexibility 

OpenBOM provides a super flexible way to import data to catalogs. In my blog today, I will focus on 3 basic ways you can import the data to OpenBOM catalogs. Importing data to the system is one of the most important steps, hench our focus on making it easy and intuitive.

  • You can import data from Excel or Google Spreadsheets. OpenBOM has commands to import any spreadsheet. You need to follow very easy formatting rules to import data to OpenBOM catalog, BOM or Vendor list. 
  • OpenBOM integrates with many design and engineering systems to import data and keep it synchronized. We provide a set of out of the box CAD add-ins to import data from all popular CAD systems – desktop and online. Each OpenBOM CAD add-in has an option to import data and create a catalog of items from the CAD data. Learn more about CAD add-ins in our training library – 
  • OpenBOM has a great flexibility to manage data and provides an easy way to duplicate, copy and paste data, which gives you a very simple way to edit information. 

Check the demo video below for a more detailed look at these 3 options

Check links to the training library to learn how easy to import and edit data in OpenBOM. 


Importing data is a critical step in a system’s adoption. We want it to be simple and to provide flexible options to import the data. Importing data from spreadsheets, copy / paste data from external websites, import data from CAD integrations and coming support for multiple online catalogs – these are options we provide at OpenBOM. 

Let us know how we can help you import your existing data to OpenBOM. We would like to learn more about what your needs are. 

Check how OpenBOM can import data. Register for FREE and get some of your legacy data imported. 

Best, Oleg

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