Demystify Modern PLM Event With Share PLM

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
18 October, 2021 | 4 min for reading
Demystify Modern PLM Event With Share PLM

The industry is moving forward at an unprecedented pace. The last two years have been seen as one of the fastest transformations in the industry from all aspects – industrial companies work, software vendors, engineering and manufacturing teams, education providers, and consulting services. Everyone has been learning how to work differently. At the same time, the technologies being used have been maturing over the last decade bringing a number of new ways to use cloud and web infrastructure to build new types of products to manage data and processes. Combined with modern communication, new methods in education, and total digital transformation, we now have a new environment to deliver solutions for industrial companies. 

The magnitude of changes is huge because the processes and transformations I mentioned above are so fundamental that they change all aspects of how you do business, support customers, develop new products, and extend technologies to support modern product development processes. 

Why Demystify PLM Event

At OpenBOM, we realized the importance and magnitude of these changes. As we’ve been developing new products, communicating with our customers, and helping them build solutions, we learned that it is extremely important to learn and understand the multi-faceted aspects of modern PLM environments. And this is how we came up with the idea of OpenBOM and Share PLM event – Demystifying Modern PLM. 

“Demystifying Modern PLM” is an online virtual event for manufacturing companies, engineers, contractors, and suppliers who work in a modern online industrial world where they need to collaborate with teams located worldwide, and they must embrace the best technology to deliver innovative products. 

Modern technology and agile development methods provide the unique opportunity to develop new user experiences and collaboration for companies working in an online connected environment. Industrial companies are looking to transform their work and adopt new methods to develop products and work collaboratively. At this event, we plan to share knowledge about modern technologies, development methods and share the modern experience of building relationships with our customers. Our customers are looking for modern tools and methods to manage data and processes, and online education is a key element of the OpenBOM experience.

For the last few years, we had many conversations with the CEO and co-founder of Share PLM – Helena Gutierrez. We realize that technology alone won’t get your Product Lifecycle Management strategy to work. Communication solves all problems – and it does with PLM, too. Most PLM initiatives fail because they lack a strong “why” and a common understanding. We bring people together to make sure everyone understands the big picture to get it right!. Helena is passionate about bringing a new educational and consulting experience to industrial companies. 

“We make the complex world of Product Lifecycle Management a little easier to navigate by sharing knowledge and experience with our customers” – says Helena Gutierrez, CEO and co-founder of Share PLM. “

4 Sessions of Demystify PLM 

The “Demystifying Modern PLM” event will include four live web meetings that will take place in October and November 2021. These four interactive sessions will cover the Technology, Product, Marketing, and Education aspects of modern product development environments and focus on knowledge sharing and best practices that both the OpenBOM and Share PLM teams have gathered through their work with customers across the globe. 

The event will include 4 sessions – (1) Technology; (2) Product; (3) Sales & Marketing and (4) Education. The sessions will be delivered in the form of a presentation and dialog where Helena Gutierrez and Oleg Shilovitsky will share their experience in the work they both do in development PLM technologies, implementing and training industrial companies. 

Interested in this event? Check the following link to register for the event. 


At OpenBOM, we are excited to collaborate with Share PLM on the creation of this event which will explore multiple aspects of modern PLM development from technology and product to education and modern sales and marketing. 

Join the event – we would be happy to see you there. If you cannot attend the event, join anyway, as we will send the links to the recording of all these sessions.

Check out how OpenBOM can help you, register to OpenBOM for free, and start a 14-day free trial today. 

Best, Oleg

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