VIDEO: OpenBOM Intro For SolidWorks Users

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
27 May, 2022 | 3 min for reading
VIDEO: OpenBOM Intro For SolidWorks Users

This blog is dedicated to SolidWorks users. SolidWorks has been famous for its amazing ease of use and user experience for many years. We developed OpenBOM with the same philosophy that for the last few years was proven by the market and a large number of successful customers. Check OpenBOM user stories and G2 Reviews online

At OpenBOM, we have a very strong value proposition for all SolidWorks customers, but especially for small and medium-sized companies that are struggling with managing files, items, and Bill of Materials using spreadsheets and a variety of file storage. Many of these Solidworks customers are using SolidWorks products and struggling with the challenges of managing their entire data, especially BOM and purchasing processes efficiently. In my blog yesterday, I shared the results of our research showing that more than 50% of Solidworks engineers are spending 1-5 hours every week managing their BOMs using Excel.

Companies are looking for streamlined processes and simplification of data management functions. OpenBOM is a great opportunity to organize their work, share data, capture and manage information in a digital form, make it easily accessible, and create a single source of truth about all product information in the company. 

OpenBOM customers are demonstrating amazing results saving the time to manage documents, BOMs, changes, RFQs, POs, and other data. But most importantly, the customers are eliminating mistakes that are much more costly when it comes to poor data management using spreadsheets. 

OpenBOM For SolidWorks 

In the very short video, I will demonstrate the entire process of working with OpenBOM for Solidworks including…

  1. To store files in OpenBOM Drive
  2. Automatically capture data from Solidworks to create Items and BOMs
  3. Automatically upload CAD and derivative files (eg. PDF and STEP)
  4. To create cost rollup 
  5. To export data to CSV, Excel, and PDF formats (including Zip files)
  6. To share data (files, BOMs, Items) with others 

Solidworks OpenBOM User experience 

OpenBOM provides all Solidworks users web application access as well as OpenBOM Drive File Explorer access. Data can be copied to OpenBOM Drive and used in Solidworks in a seamless way. 

OpenBOM Add-in for Solidworks allows capturing information using a simple setup and seamless “one-click BOM” functionality. 

Multi-level BOM is automatically created including all selected attributes, file attachments, images, and additional information. Rollup cost is easy to do by applying OpenBOM formulas. 

Data and Files are available virtually via OpenBOM Item and Drive Dashboards. 

3D Viewer is available for CAD files


Check the video demonstrating a live end-to-end engineering experience of working with OpenBOM and Solidworks. Altogether in less than 10 minutes, we’ll demonstrate OpenBOM’s ease of use and flexibility. 


Companies are demanding to streamline processes and digitally transform their operations. At the same time, data is locked in desktop discs and engineers have a hard time capturing this information, organizing it efficiently, and providing a single source of information to everyone in the organization. OpenBOM for Solidworks provides a unique and patented solution including a cloud-native platform capable of managing product information, providing a flexible data model, and an easy way to capture SolidWorks data, organize it, manage revisions, files, and calculations, and do other analyses. OpenBOM provides unparalleled simplicity and an excellent user experience for Solidworks customers. 

REGISTER FOR FREE and start a 14-day trial to explore how OpenBOM can help you today. 

Best, Oleg 

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