PREVIEW: How To Create Contractor and Supplier Tech Package Using OpenBOM Zip Export Feature

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
8 October, 2021 | 2 min for reading
PREVIEW: How To Create Contractor and Supplier Tech Package Using OpenBOM Zip Export Feature

Sharing information is one of the biggest challenges companies face these days. Manufacturers must share data with contractors and suppliers, during this process the data can get lost, wrong information can be sent through emails and Excel, zip files can contain wrong files and revisions, plus so much more. 

Things can go messy very easily and result in data loss, late delivery, additional expenses, and more. The problem sounds like something that you can solve easily, but it is not. 

To share information efficiently, you need to first organize this information, then ensure everything is correctly combined and has correct files, revisions, attachments, etc. And there is a team involved because this information is actually coming from multiple sources- engineers, product managers, tech designers, etc. 

OpenBOM helps you to do all the things I mentioned above. We provide integrations with design systems to extract the information, attach files automatically and create derivatives such as STEP, DXF, PDF as well as attach native files. OpenBOM allows you to share the data in real-time. However, if you have some hesitation and your contractor prefers to work in a disconnected environment and just get your data, OpenBOM will be a great option for you. 

Once you’re done, OpenBOM’s new feature will help you pack everything you need into a single package and download it in a zip format. 

Here is a short scenario. You can create a BOM, including files using OpenBOM CAD integration. 

The data is seamlessly integrated into OpenBOM’s environment and you can see links to the files uploaded to OpenBOM’s storage. 

A new export function will allow you to use the zip file format to download everything you need. 

Watch this short video for a demonstration. 


OpenBOM provides an easy and powerful way to prepare the technical packages that need to be sent to contractors and suppliers. You just need to create a Bill of Materials and include all information in this BOM with the data uploaded to OpenBOM (files) directly from the CAD system. OpenBOM automatically converts the files into the right formats. 

Once it is done, a new feature to support export to zip files will help you download everything and send it to your contractor or supplier. 

Check out how OpenBOM can help. REGISTER FOR FREE and try out your 14-day trial to test all of OpenBOM’s features. 

Best, Oleg

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