“At AirBNB we are asking the question “How can we be less wasteful and keep sharing in mind?”

My team of Engineers knows a lot about manufacturing and are leading the company’s innovative Backyard by Samara (https://samara.com/) project which reimagines the way we build by taking a wide view of the construction and architecture business.

As Samara matured it became difficult for us to communicate effectively with our internal and external partners. We used file naming conventions but it was not easy to work with conventional CAD and spreadsheets that way, we could not remember a part based on its name and spreadsheets were not enough.

Since we model every item in CAD we eventually found ourselves making very large assemblies so naturally we needed BOM management.  OpenBOM fits into the Samara paradigm of controlling waste because OpenBOm helps us ensure we don’t miss parts and don’t have dupes.

We have multiple locations so Cloud was a major consideration selecting a BOM tool but OpenBOM thumbnails were the deal maker. Simply put, thumbnails are my favorite thing about OpenBOM.“

Petr Novikov, AirBNB