OpenBOM: Helping Engineering Teams Transition from Trilogy’s Parts & Vendors

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
26 March, 2021 | 3 min for reading
OpenBOM: Helping Engineering Teams Transition from Trilogy’s Parts & Vendors

It’s no secret that Parts & Vendors was a big hit with the Engineering crowd.  Since Greg Wagner brought it to market in 1995 it has been helping engineering teams manage parts list in numerous industries. 

Its major rise in popularity had a lot to do with the fact that teams no longer needed to solely rely on Excel spreadsheets as their database.  

Is This The End? 

Personally, I really liked P&V and they provided a great service to many companies. However, the end of the P&V is a bit of a sad story.  If you aren’t aware P&V has been discontinued and Trilogy has mentioned that it has no intention of providing further support.What P&V Did Best!

Parts & Vendors brought many features to the table, some that engineers had never seen before (hence, why it became such a major hit with Engineers).  A few of the features that made it so popular were:

  • Multi-level BOM
  • Part management
  • BOMs with parts
  • Documents and drawings attachment or reference
  • Association with vendors
  • Inventory management
  • PO issue and management
  • An order for specific work 
  • And much more!

Don’t Worry, Not All Is Lost…

While Parts & Vendors is no more, OpenBOM has taken it upon itself to provide the same functionality featured above. 

Combined with OpenBOM CAD add-ins support, platform flexibility, and data sharing capabilities, it is a perfect match to provide a lifeline to P&V customers that currently are concerned about the end of support for Windows 7, the platform you need to run the P&V application. 

As we’ve been contacted by multiple companies with the request to replace Parts and Vendors (P&V), we decided to do it in a more organized and structured way. 

As part of our commitment to Excel detox, we want to help manufacturing companies and engineers find a great alternative to P&V and also help to migrate existing data to the OpenBOM cloud. 

Let Us Help You With A Smooth Transition

Check OpenBOM end-to-end story from design to purchasing. Read more here.  

Watch the video with the live demo of OpenBOM process.  

OpenBOM and Razorleaf Partnership 

Razorleaf is a technology company, which is well known for its services in the CAD and PLM community and since last year, OpenBOM has partnered with them providing a dedicated set of OpenBOM services

We are excited to share that Razorleaf will be joining OpenBOM to help existing P&V customers migrate to OpenBOM and preserve their data. Legacy data is not fun anyway and Razorleaf together with OpenBOM will be committed to helping you. 


Take our P&V lifeline and escape from the old legacy using Parts & Vendors. OpenBOM is a modern SaaS solution capable of replacing the legacy and providing you with a dedicated service.

To learn more on how you can escape the P&V legacy and move to a modern platform such as OpenBOM contact us today via

Best, Oleg

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