OpenBOM Achieves G2 Best CAD and PLM Product Status: A Journey to the Top 2023

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
9 February, 2023 | 3 min for reading
OpenBOM Achieves G2 Best CAD and PLM Product Status: A Journey to the Top 2023

In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, standing out among the crowd of CAD and PLM solutions is no easy feat. However, OpenBOM has achieved just that, as it has been recognized by G2 as one of the best CAD and PLM products of 2023, coming in at #17 out of 50.. Check the list of 2023 leaders and see how OpenBOM positioned in the list. We are proud to come just after such great tools as Solidowks, Fusion360, Altium and few others. OpenBOM’s acceptance into G2’s top-tier list of products is a true testament to the success the company has had in PDM/ PLM markets over the last few years

Why OpenBOM and What It Does?

OpenBOM, a cloud-based product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) solution, is designed with the goal of providing manufacturers with a comprehensive and intuitive platform for managing their product data lifecycle throughout the entire product lifecycle. The company’s vision is to transform the way manufacturers approach product development and production by making it easy to access, manage, and share product information in real-time.

The recognition by G2, a leading software review platform, is a testament to the hard work and dedication that the OpenBOM team has put into developing and delivering a top-notch product. The ranking takes into account customer satisfaction, market presence, and overall performance, among other factors, making it a true reflection of OpenBOM’s impact on the market.

OpenBOM’s cloud-based platform offers a wide range of features, including multi-CAD integrations, real-time collaboration, streamlined bill of materials (BOM) management, inventory control, RFQ/PO functions, and comprehensive data reporting, among others. This has helped it to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, with users praising its ease of use and ability to streamline the product development process.

OpenBOM and Digital Transformation

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve and embrace digital transformation, OpenBOM will play a critical role in helping manufacturers stay ahead of the curve. The recognition by G2 is confirming OpenBOM potential to revolutionize the way manufacturers approach product development and production.

As businesses worldwide adjust their operations towards digitization, OpenBOM provides an easy-to-use platform for managing product data and optimizing product lifecycles. With an intuitive UI and streamlined processes, OpenBOM allows users to quickly get up and running with their digital product management systems without having to worry about complex technical setups or lengthy onboarding times. The platform also offers robust integrations with popular CAD tools like Autodesk Inventor and SOLIDWORKS while supporting advanced features like multi-level BOMs, version control, detailed change tracking capabilities, and more — all within a single platform.

On top of this, OpenBOM offers deep collaboration features that make it easier than ever for teams working on complex projects spread across different locations to stay connected and ensure everything moves smoothly during product development cycles. Thanks to its secure cloud environment users can access up-to-date information from anywhere at any time while keeping sensitive project data safe from cyber threats with end-to-end encryption protocols.


OpenBOM’s recognition as a top Product Data Management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) product by G2 is a proud moment for the company and a testament to its dedication to delivering a world-class product. Companies are looking at product lifecycle management software as a vehicle to deliver future digital transformation and OpenBOM gives them big support to make it happen. With its cloud-based platform and comprehensive suite of features, OpenBOM is poised to continue making a significant impact on the manufacturing industry and helping engineers and manufacturing companies to transform their business processes from old legacy document-based processes to modern and connected online environments.

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