NEW: Copy / Paste Images from multiple sources in OpenBOM

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
4 June, 2020 | 1 min for reading
NEW: Copy / Paste Images from multiple sources in OpenBOM

Productivity is one of the most critical elements of efficient data management.  Creating data in OpenBOM was always an easy thing to do – import from CAD or import from Excel was as easy as click on the button. 

Today, I’m excited to share that we’re making the next step in improving import functionality by allowing to Copy / Paste images from external sources, such as online part catalogs and many others. 

Everything you need to do is to find an image you want to use in your catalog and use “Copy Image” and then Ctrl-V (or Command-V on Mac/OS) and the image property will include the image you need (please be aware of image ownership and copyrighting) 

Watch this short video with the demo. The feature will be coming soon in the next OpenBOM product update.


Earlier this week, I talked about Simplicity. Data import is always a very complex process in all data management systems. Try to import legacy data in any PLM system and you will find the process complex and time-consuming. It can take a significant amount of time in your next PLM implementation. At OpenBOM, we laser focus on simplicity and how to make this process as easy as a single button click. 

Register to OpenBOM today and check how easy it to import your existing Excels or data from online catalogs and use it in your Bill of Materials, RFQ, and purchasing process

Best, Oleg @ openbom dot com.

Want to learn more about PLM? Check out my Beyond PLM blog and PLM Book website

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