Introducing OpenBOM Partner – Matrix, Israel

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
7 January, 2021 | 4 min for reading
Introducing OpenBOM Partner – Matrix, Israel

The world is moving towards online connectivity and manufacturing companies, contractors, and supply chain are catching up to realize the power of the cloud / SaaS solutions as well as the opportunity that SaaS connected platform can bring. OpenBOM is leading the way for the PLM industry to realize the opportunity of connected services and scalable solutions that can grow from a single engineer to large organizations including their suppliers and contractors. 

Last year, we announced a partnership program at OpenBOM for consulting and online services. As we grow, we realize the importance of partnership with a local and global service organization to support our global customers from a different perspective – training, education, custom integration, and implementation services. 

Today, I’m excited to introduce our new partner – Matrix, Israel. 

Matrix is the leading technology services company in Israel. The company specializes in the implementation and development of leading technologies, software solutions, and products, providing its customers with infrastructure and consulting services, IT outsourcing, offshore, training and assimilation and serves as representatives for the world’s leading software vendors.​

OpenBOM is collaborating with an amazing team of people working in the domain of engineering software at Matrix and looking forward to expanding our collaboration and services in Israel. 

Learn more about how OpenBOM helps customers to escape Excels and start managing items and related product data. Learn more about domains of OpenBOM applications for Machine Design, AEC, Electronic and HighTech, Food, Apparel, and others. 

openbom apps

Learn how OpenBOM helps Israeli based FF Robotics to Save Times And Money by Standardizing 16K Individual Components and Optimizing BOMs

“With over 16K individual parts, we needed a better way to manage components,” says FFRobotics co-founder Yoav Koster. The FFRobotics customers were asking for a solution that lowered the total cost per bin per hour.  As growing seasons and labor force availability fluctuates, the challenge is not in the quality of the work – but rather the availability in the region at a specific time.  FF Robotics is meeting the needs of its customer with a device with extremely high availability and low standby costs.

“We needed to reduce the number of specific part numbers and OpenBOM makes it easy to understand where each and every one of the components is being used,” says Yoav. Something which was not the case when he was using Excel. “Getting our BOMs out of Solidworks in Excel was hard.  We would add some non-modeled items like hardware then have to manage all those additions individually each time we updated the Excel from Solidworks”. Using OpenBOM with SolidWorks and PDMWorks is much much easier, he says.

“Something we didn’t anticipate was the ease of sharing the BOM with the rest of our team.  We have a property for Make or Buy which we set in the Catalog.  FF Robotics purchasing department gets the BOM and knows exactly what to do.  We could have done it before but it demanded more work and sometimes it just didn’t get done or we made some mistakes.”

Israeli-based FizeMedical is using OpenBOM Out of the Box SaaS PLM with Onshape

Like so many startups they started with Excel but quickly realizing it did not scale as the company did!  “Trying to manage a product evolution in Excel gave me nightmares,” says Senior Mechanical Engineer David Rubli.  “We quickly realized we needed a solution that fit our needs.” David and Fize researched several alternatives and quickly made the decision to go with OpenBOM.  “It was real out of the box functionality like I’ve never seen before!” said David.  I was able to start working the moment I signed in.”

“Furthermore the Onshape integration with OpenBOM was the best in the business and the subscription model fit our budget perfectly” he goes on to say. “I love the automatic part numbering system, I just click and get the next part number in a sequence I’ve defined.”

Fize sees the real benefit as OpenBOM simply manages the day-to-day evolution of the product. “As we evolve the product, everyone in the Company can see the total costs, parts, structure, and more,” says David Rubli.

Check out more OpenBOM user stories on our website and read OpenBOM G2 Reviews online.


At OpenBOM we expand our services and improve support by partnering with organizations across the globe with unique knowledge, specialization, and skills to provide the best support to our customers. Partnering with Matrix Israel is one more step in this journey. 

Please contact Matrix or for any questions. 

Best, Oleg 

Want to learn more about PLM? Check out my Beyond PLM blog and PLM Book website. Read OpenBOM customer reviews on G2 Crowd to learn what customers are saying about OpenBOM. 

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