Check OpenBOM Video Customer Stories

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
16 June, 2021 | 2 min for reading
Check OpenBOM Video Customer Stories

At OpenBOM we love receiving and sharing customer stories. There is something special about being able to help your audience and customers solve problems that are otherwise holding them back.  

We find that with each customer story we learn a little bit more about our client base. This in return helps us develop our platform to your specific needs. 

OpenBOM Is Trending in PLM reviews for G2 Crowd

In the past few months, OpenBOM was designated as a momentum leader and received multiple customer-focused awards from G2 Crowd based on the reviews provided by our customers.

We are very proud to support customers in consumer electronics, aviation, robotic, automotive, machine shops, and others. Along with launching multiple new features, we have also developed a user-centric onboarding course. Read how companies like ABB and Full Circle Water have found huge value in the OpenBOM onboarding process.

Video Stories from Gates Underwater Products, VARSITY Scoreboard, and Escape Ventures 

Moving beyond just reviews, G2 is providing a new way for customers to review products via G2 Video interviews. Today I want to share the first set of OpenBOM video interviews, which I’m sure will help you learn more about customer experience and what you can do with OpenBOM. 

Gates Underwater Products

Escape Ventures

VARSITY Scoreboards


I hope you enjoyed the stories. As you probably noticed, each story is unique, but it gives you some ideas on the systematic approach OpenBOM is taking in developing distinct characteristics of OpenBOM’s platform – flexibility, adaptability, integration, and user experience.

In addition to all these things, we are laser focus on customer support, which is the foundation of everything we do here at OpenBOM. 

Learn more about OpenBOM – Register for FREE and start 14-day trials. 

Best, Oleg

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