An Inside Look At OpenBOM’s Premium Onboarding & Training Service

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
5 July, 2021 | 3 min for reading
An Inside Look At OpenBOM’s Premium Onboarding & Training Service

When it comes to an online platform, before anything else, user experience comes first. And when it comes to the adoption of new software and new processes it matters a lot. During our years of working with customers, engineers, and manufacturing companies, we’ve learned a lot about the system adoption process. 

Fixing The Most Broken Process is Still A Painful Change 

We’ve learned that even if a company has the most broken process in the world, it is still a process that currently works for them, this dependency makes it hard for them to break ties with a broken system. Introducing a new process is a change and changes are hard. To bring a change to a group of people is even harder because it requires an agreement and it takes time and understanding within the whole team. 

Introducing Our Premium Onboarding Process 

So, to overcome these challenges, we’ve built a unique onboarding process that can help engineering teams and manufacturing companies overcome the problems of data management. 

You can see it in the list of available Training Courses. From July 1st, 2021 we made a new premium onboarding course available to all OpenBOM users – check the website pricing and learn how you can get it depending on the subscription you have. 

Check out this video with an introduction to our new training service. 

What Does Premium Training Include?

OpenBOM training course includes 3 stages – Prepare, Build, and Handoff. Each one is dedicated to a specific goal. 

PREPARE – to learn about your current state of data and business process, to capture the information and samples. More importantly, it is also a stage that will help you learn about how you want to improve the process. 

BUILD – at this stage we run an interactive session that combines the learning of OpenBOM functions and also build an example of your company data to illustrate how OpenBOM will work for you and how you can benefit from OpenBOM functions. 

HANDOFF – the final part of the training takes you through the points of moving to production use of OpenBOM. Keep in mind that you don’t want to boil the ocean and accomplish company transformation in a single shot. It is hard and, from our experience, not achievable. The improvements in data and process management take time and are better achieved in stages. This is how an agile methodology works. OpenBOM flexibility allows you to achieve it in the best way and improve the system as you go. 

By finishing the OpenBOM course, you will get your system set up with a small portion of the data and you will identify the next steps on how to develop the system and transform your company using OpenBOM. 

We will also give you a nice cheat sheet with useful OpenBOM commands to keep on your table.Conclusion

The fixing of a broken process is still a painful change for a company and people that are part of the process. Therefore, we are focusing on the best user experience for OpenBOM customers to help them understand their current process, learn what is the goal, and then help them achieve the goal with the help of OpenBOM technologies and products. 

For a more hands-on approach, start your journey today, REGISTER FOR FREE, and begin a FREE 14 day trial. 

Best, Oleg

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