Part Two Webinar About OpenBOM for SOLIDWORKS Is Coming

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
19 July, 2020 | 2 min for reading
Part Two Webinar About OpenBOM for SOLIDWORKS Is Coming

Last week, we had the first webinar in the series of “Best Practices”.  We realized the amount of materials to share is large and we want to split it in a series of smaller bite-size webinars. If you missed the last, check it out in the OpenBOM Webinars’ Archive or navigate to this link

In the first webinar we covered the following topic: 

1- Solidworks OpenBOM Settings

2- Property Settings

3- How to create and update data from Solidworks to OpenBOM 

4- OpenBOM Save Item command 

In the coming webinar, we will continue to explore OpenBOM for Solidworks features and we are planning to cover these topics: 

  • Part classification 
  • Templates
  • Bi-directional data update 
  • Questions from Best practices Part 1


Wednesday, July 22, 2020, at 2:00 PM ET US TIME

This is part II of Mastering Bills of Material from Solidworks with OpenBOM.  We will cover Part Classifications (Catalogs), Templates,  Bi-Directional properties, and answer your questions from Part I. 


OpenBOM webinar is a great opportunity to get more information about BOM management, PLM, and OpenBOM functionality. All these webinars are 30-40 minutes long and include presentations, live demo, and Q&A sessions. 

You can learn more about the OpenBOM company, data modeling granularity levels, bill of material or BOM levels, properties, and views. If you wish to know more about the production recipe, product structure, or you want to easily plan the purchase of materials, make inventory control, estimate costs, etc., you should get this opportunity and join us!

Check out previous webinars recording here. Check out how OpenBOM helps thousands of users and manufacturing companies to manage data. You can be part of them.

Best, Oleg. 

Want to learn more about PLM? Check out my Beyond PLM blog and PLM Book website

Read OpenBOM customer reviews on G2 Crowd to learn what customers are saying about OpenBOM. 

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