Organization Information Maturity and OpenBOM Implementations Phases

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
13 October, 2023 | 4 min for reading
Organization Information Maturity and OpenBOM Implementations Phases

Every modern digital business these days has to use information. Data management systems are a foundation of every business process and provide a wider range of services and data management tools. Seamlessly navigating information flow in the organization is an important layer in a business of every organization these days and a cornerstone of robust digital organization. The data management process is the foundation of the implementation and later day-to-day processes.

A seamlessly flowing stream of information, navigating through each compartment of an organization, ensuring data availability, and consistency is how you build business these days. The emphasis on moving from applications to prioritizing data places the latter at the absolute center of a business, forging a pivotal role in shaping organizational strategies, decision-making processes, and day-to-day operations. The time is gone when organizations are searching for a magic application to solve all problems. Today it is about data.

Embarking on the Journey of Organization Information Maturity

Organizing a data flow that ensures the right information is rendered to the right people at the right time encapsulates the quintessence of a thriving, well-oiled machine – the organization. Let’s discuss how Organization Information Maturity can help you introduce digital processes. This model plays an instrumental role in the OpenBOM implementation process and introduction of OpenBOM SaaS applications to the company.

Data management systems are responsible for establishing the right informational layers and models can be critical elements in the success of your organization to digitally transform the processes and implement effective data management across various layers of a business.

Achieving a state of advanced information maturity isn’t an overnight endeavor. It requires understanding of the information, aligning people within the organization, and incrementally scaling up the information maturity through structured stages. Based on our experience, we identify three levels of information maturity that organizations often navigate through: (1) Projects and Design, (2) New Product Development Process, and (3)Connected Information and Product Lifecycle.

Let’s talk about each of these levels separately.

Level 1: Groundwork with Projects and Design

In the early stages of organizational development, the focal point predominantly revolves around organizing projects, typically tethered to design and engineering. The aim is straightforward – Simplify CAD Data Management with Design Projects. OpenBOM assists efficiently in navigating through this initial stage with its Design subscription, which encapsulates:

  • Organizing project files, ensuring a project structure for effortless retrieval and management.
  • Implementing check-in/check-out systems to enable concurrent collaborative work
  • Ensuring a robust revision control to keep track of changes and maintain data integrity.
  • OpenBOM SmartSync with local folders for easy one-button click data and file sync

FREE: OpenBOM Design subscription offers these utilities with unlimited cloud storage, at no cost.

Level 2: Bridging Silos with New Product Development

As an organization matures, it becomes imperative to obliterate silos and foster cohesive interaction between engineering/design and procurement. The focus shifts towards the organization of processes and seamless data transition from engineering to manufacturing. OpenBOM’s Team subscription provides an important set of services that can help you switch from waterfall to agile new product development. It includes:

  • Item and BOM (Bill of Materials) Management.
  • Cost Analysis to safeguard budget adherence.
  • Inventory Management to control stock levels.
  • Collaboration with contractors.
  • Managing Orders, RFQs (Requests for Quotations), and POs (Purchase Orders).

Level 3: Connected Information and Product Lifecycle

At the top of the information maturity hierarchy is the achievement of connected information, linking isolated product development and integrating entire product development processes with sales, maintenance, support, and other disciplines. It is about the creation of a product knowledge graph and digital thread with all information modeled and connected to OpenBOM.

The OpenBOM Company subscription supports this stage by offering:

  • Change Management to adeptly handle alterations in processes and products.
  • Signoff and Approvals to ensure accountability and compliance.
  • Detailed Impact and Cost Analysis.
  • A Flexible Data Model to cater to varying organizational needs.
  • Product Knowledge Graph.
  • Integrations with CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP, and CRM, ensuring a synchronized data flow across platforms.

The roadmap towards building connected processes

You cannot change an organization overnight. Inefficient processes, Excel-driven data management, information silos – all these habits leads to mistakes, delays, additional cost. The goal of digital transformation is to create a new set of processes using connected data and real time collaboration. But the road towards these new “state” requires work and transformation.

At OpenBOM we offer a gradual process of transformation, starting from taking design under control, connecting engineering and procurement and establishing a digital thread between information silos.


How do you build a complete information model for your digital organization? This is what OpenBOM does for you, but you need to take part in this process, you cannot transform organizations without people planning and involvement. You need some guidance and OpenBOM provides it via structured premium onboarding services.

The orchestration of a structured system of data management, coupled with the gradual introduction of the organization to digital services (SaaS), holds extreme importance in organizational growth and transformation. It opens the way toward digitizing processes and crafting an informed roadmap for information maturity, propelling the organization toward streamlined operations, informed decision-making, and sustained development.

REGISTER FOR FREE and check out what OpenBOM can do for you.

Best, Oleg

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