What is OpenBOM Design – Our Free CAD Data Management Tool

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
21 September, 2023 | 3 min for reading
What is OpenBOM Design – Our Free CAD Data Management Tool

Continuing from where we left off in our previous discussions about OpenBOM’s September 17th, 2023 Update, today I am eager to dig deeper into our newest service – Design Projects. This fresh addition is not just another service but a confirmation of OpenBOM’s commitment to user-friendly, yet potent, data management solutions.

Introducing Design Projects

Design Projects was born with the vision of simplicity, serving as an intuitive cloud-based Product Data Management (PDM) service. What’s more exciting is that this service is available at absolutely FREE (no cost) to all users registered with OpenBOM. In essence, Design Projects aims to present an efficient and formidable tool for seamlessly managing file records on the OpenBOM platform.

The Data Management Backbone 

OpenBOM’s Data Platform The OpenBOM data platform stands as the robust foundation supporting the Design Projects service. This powerful platform capabilities empower users to:

  • Systematically organize data (CAD files and other files) 
  • Manage object records with tailored properties, using property types
  • Ensure concurrent accessibility and sharing capabilities for team users

Furthermore, Design Projects is capturing changes, organizing revisions, and thereby offering a flexible and trustworthy data management system tailored for capturing file data.

Given that files are managed as data objects on the OpenBOM platform, this paradigm facilitates seamless relationships between files. This structural setup streamlines the process of expanding data with auxiliary information, be it using predefined items, BOMs, orders, or even the innovative OpenBOM custom objects.

File Storage

The OpenBOM data platform also oversees file storage, with the core foundation element being the ‘reference property’. This very property is utilized to store attachments pertinent to different items and objects. Through such a mechanism, design objects can not only be linked to files (like CAD files) but can also be widened to encompass multiple files – an option for those considering automated derivatives (which will be delivered in the coming release).

Data Management and Access: 

Structured Data Management with Folder Hierarchies Design Projects champions an effective and straightforward concept for data organization within projects. This modularity permits users to create folders accompanied by nested subfolders, cultivating a modular ecosystem of projects. An added feather in its cap is the capability of Design Projects to maintain distinct file names across multiple sub-folders, facilitating hassle-free file uploads and downloads.

Team access allows automatic data sharing and attribute level access. 

Keeping Files in Sync With Local Folders

Stay synced with the OpenBOM Workspace Manager. The Workspace Manager is a key tool for ensuring sync between your cloud storage and local folders. This local computer-run tool ensures each project finds its corresponding local folder, guaranteeing synchronicity. From downloading files individually to executing them en masse using the Workspace Manager, you can always maintain alignment with your local data repositories, with the flexibility of uploading selective files as per ongoing projects.

We just started…

While we are excited with the first release of Design Projects, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Currently, we offer a foundational feature set, free for all OpenBOM users. As our users get into the potential of Design Projects, we are all ears for feedback. Some planned enhancements include smarter synchronization, broader application integrations, automatic BOM structure generation, and even an exciting integration with Slack for instantaneous communications.


Design Projects is not just a new service; it’s an important enhancement in the OpenBOM product allowing us to be useful for ANY designer using CAD files for free. This service simplifies cloud-based file management while ensuring power and flexibility. Especially for engineers wielding CAD systems, like Solidworks, Design Projects is your passport to cloud file management, and subsequently, a treasure trove of other OpenBOM functionalities.

Don’t miss out! REGISTER FOR FREE and take it for a spin. Note: A trial activation is required for Design Projects till October 1st, 2023. Post this date, all OpenBOM registered users can access it free of charge.

Best, Oleg

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