OpenBOM and ManuFuture Announces Partnership to Streamline Product Development and Custom Parts Bidding Process

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
14 December, 2022 | 3 min for reading
OpenBOM and ManuFuture Announces Partnership to Streamline Product Development and Custom Parts Bidding Process

OpenBOM™ announced a partnership with ManuFuture to provide an integrated cloud-native platform for product development, digital BOM, and mechanical supply chain.

OpenBOM, a leading SaaS digital product data management and collaboration platform, announced a partnership with ManuFuture, a B2B marketplace for mechanical custom parts manufacturing. The partnership aims to support integrated product development and the custom part bidding process.

The manufacturing process can be complex, requiring coordination between product development, procurement, and contractors. By partnering with ManuFuture, OpenBOM aims to provide an integrated environment for quick and easy ordering and bidding on custom parts that meet customers’ needs.

Ben Halperin, CEO and Co-Founder of ManuFuture, said, “We are excited to announce our partnership and integration with OpenBOM. As we see the benefits our customers get by using our platform, we are sure that OpenBOM customers will gain more capabilities managing their custom part production with us.” He added that the integration will provide hardware companies with more robust tools for managing their BOMs and other important information on top of ManuFuture’s global production platform.

Digital transformation is in the air and manufacturing companies are looking for connected cloud-native platforms that can streamline their engineering and manufacturing processes, eliminate manual data re-entry, mistakes, and old-fashioned processes.

Integrating OpenBOM with ManuFuture gives an easy data handover, eliminating mistakes and making the process of custom part bidding and ordering fast with lowering the total cost of the products.

Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO and Co-Founder of OpenBOM

Overall, the partnership between OpenBOM and ManuFuture is expected to help hardware companies streamline their operations and improve their efficiency in managing custom parts from development to sourcing and delivery.

About ManuFuture

ManuFuture is a B2B marketplace for custom parts manufacturing. The platform enables users to order-track-receive their parts from a globally vetted network of suppliers, the all-in-one solution makes custom parts production easier than ever. ManuFuture cloud platform provides full support for the duration of the custom parts manufacturing including anonymous bidding, payment options, tracking, direct line of communication with the suppliers and delivery to end point. The vision of ManuFuture is to be a single platform that reduces costs, shortens production time, improves quality and accelerates delivery times for custom parts. Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, ManuFuture built a network of vetted suppliers in 11 countries including the USA, Turkey, Hungary, Taiwan, China, Thailand, El-Salvdor and more with over 2,000 CNC machine centers and over 500 Sheet Metal fabrication machines including Laser cutting, Punching, Press Brake and the all around needed for Painting, Coating and Inserts. Learn more at ManuFuture.
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About OpenBOM

OpenBOM is a cloud-native PDM and PLM platform that manages product data and connects manufacturers and their supply chain networks. OpenBOM’s modern SaaS real-time collaboration and data management technology allows the creation and management of CAD files, Parts, Bill of Materials, Vendors, and Purchases across networks of engineers, supply chain managers, and contract manufacturers. OpenBOM enables people to share and collaborate using an online Bill of Materials from initial design through all stages of engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain. Headquartered in the Boston, MA area, OpenBOM’s website is For more information or questions please contact oleg(at)OpenBOM(dot)com. OpenBOM is a wholly-owned and branded product of Newman Cloud, Inc

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