Navigating the Maze: The Complex Journey of Selecting the Perfect PLM System

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
1 August, 2023 | 5 min for reading
Navigating the Maze: The Complex Journey of Selecting the Perfect PLM System

How to select the right PLM system? It is not a secret that one size doesn’t fit all in the engineering and manufacturing business. Therefore when someone comes to me and asks what is the best PLM system, I always say – it depends. It certainly depended on many factors such as industry, type of the company, size, and the number of people that will be involved in PLM, depends on CAD and other software, it depends on existing processes and the software you have already implemented in your company. You can say that all these things are fairly known and it should be easy to ‘check boxes’ and select the right PLM software. However, the process of selecting the right PLM system is far from a walk in the park. In fact, it can be a complex and challenging journey that demands careful consideration and in-depth analysis to ensure the perfect fit for a company’s unique needs.

Earlier this week, I published the Beyond PLM article –How to Select PLM Technology in 2023, where I provided my analysis of what are important technological elements to build a successful PLM platform.

In my blog today, I’d like to give you a specific OpenBOM perspective. I’d like to give you a slice of OpenBOM and speak about the advantages and other important characteristics of OpenBOM. But let me be clear. My goal is not to say that OpenBOM is the best system in the world, but to give you important characteristics of OpenBOM that will help you to make a knowledgeable decision about tech, product features, and differences of OpenBOM.

7 Things That Set OpenBOM Apart in PLM

I want to talk about seven important characteristics of OpenBOM that will help you to decide if OpenBOM is a good fit for you. Knowing these characteristics you can apply them into your PLM selection process. You also will learn what put OpenBOM product lifecycle management technologies and products different from any other system you will see in the PLM world.

  1. Functionality (PLM+ERP)
    While the product development process might be different from company to company, there is one key element of OpenBOM functional differentiators. It combines two worlds together – PLM and ERP and provides a unique mix of functions that ideally fit NPD (New product development process) in small & medium-sized companies as well as divisions of enterprise companies focusing on new product development. Learn more about it here – New Product Development using OpenBOM.
  2. CAD Integrations
    To have a system integrated with all popular desktop and cloud CAD systems is important. OpenBOM provides “gamer’s dream CAD integrations. They allow to capture data in an ideal way, export files, automatically generate derivative files and perform many other functions. We are continuously investing more in CAD integrations using OpenBOM. Learn more –OpenBOM Integrations.
  3. Multi-tenant SaaS and Instant Data Sharing
    In the complex modern world of manufacturing, the ability of companies to share data instantly is supercritical. Everyone is familiar with the “Google Docs” paradigm of data sharing. OpenBOM developed a patented collaboration technology that applies to complex product data and all related information to support easy and powerful collaboration.
  4. Spreadsheet-like user experience (UX)
    OpenBOM UX paradigm is inheriting a lot from spreadsheets. This paradigm in UX allows us to lower the barrier and helps to accelerate the adoption of OpenBOM products and technology.
  5. Flexibility in the data model
    It is important to make adjustments to data – attributes, new object types, and other elements of the data model. Therefore, OpenBOM gives you a flexible data model- attributes, business objects, etc. By doing so, you can create a fully customizable schema to describe your product.
  6. Business Model, subscription, and ROI
    OpenBOM provides a special business and subscription model. First, we strongly believe that everyone in the company must have access to data. Therefore, bringing a business model and licensing schema that is capable to support it. OpenBOM subscriptions are for an unlimited number of users. But we count the number of concurrent users and provide concurrent licenses. It gives a great deal of flexibility to customers.
  7. Support and Training
    OpenBOM provides a unique training program that helps you to get up to speed quickly and gives you diversified support online (chatbot), web user interface, and others. Check our Training Library, Blog, and Youtube channel.

The significance of selecting the ideal PLM system cannot be overstated. A well-chosen PLM platform can drive efficiency, boost collaboration, streamline processes, and significantly reduce time-to-market, allowing companies to seize new opportunities and outpace their rivals. However, the very abundance of PLM solutions in the market is what makes the selection process so hard. From industry giants to niche providers, there are not many PLM software companies, but each company provides some level of uniqueness you need to take into account.

Moreover, the diverse needs and workflows within an organization, ranging from engineering and design to supply chain management, add another layer of complexity, making it challenging to find a one-size-fits-all solution. As we unlock the complexity of the PLM selection journey, you can find how to match the needs to words of analyze will also explore some invaluable tips and best practices to help businesses navigate through the complexity of the PLM decision process.


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems have emerged as a crucial element for organizations, and companies are looking at how to get one. But the process of selection is hard. 

At OpenBOM, we are always looking at how to help our customers select the right product lifecycle management technology and product data management system, and how to streamline product development. To be honest, OpenBOM has many advantages, but it is not for everyone. 

When you have a meeting with the OpenBOM pre-sales team, you will hear the truth about your current product development process, the PLM industry, competitors, pros and cons of a specific PLM system selection. We will educate you to support you in finding the right solution. Contact us and you will learn a lot of new stuff from the world called “PLM software”.

In the meantime, REGISTER FOR FREE and check how OpenBOM can help you and your organization.

Best, Oleg

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