Pierson Workholding Is Using OpenBOM For A Complete Design To Manufacture In-house Process

Pierson Workholding
Pierson Workholding

If you need to hold a piece of material for any type of CNC/Manufacturing operation then you need to contact Pierson Workholding in Simi Valley, California! At this one facility, Pierson designs and manufactures a wide variety of innovative work-holding solutions for rotary, pallet, vacuum, and other applications. Pierson Workholding customers demand quality and reliability.

Carlos Acosta, a chief problem solver at Pierson has the same demands when choosing a Bill of Materials management solution – which is why he chose OpenBOM.

“We looked at a lot of options for creating and managing Bill of Materials, the CAD based product didn’t have the ability to create Planning BOMs and Purchase Orders (which we need) and Excel didn’t have any connection to our design process (CAD), which we also required,” says Carlos.  “OpenBOM offers a complete Design to Purchase process which includes BOM, Order (planning) Planning BOMs, Vendor Lists and Purchase Orders. As well as inventory control of Quantity on Hand”

Pierson’s innovative designs, material planning and integrated electronics/PCB components require the team to develop a specific process based planning tools to satisfy the needs of their manufacturing and their customers.  “We do everything in the house! We have the skills to write our own software tools and were extremely happy to find that OpenBOM has a well-documented API available which we immediately were granted access to”. 

Carlos goes on to say “OpenBOM was easy to implement and setup.  After a few 30 minute meetings with the OpenBOM support team, I had a functional configuration for a production test, created actual PO’s, and also used the Order BOM feature to create setup data for the circuit board assembly process. Adding additional properties with drop-down list selections allows me to capture setup data related to each part. That data is easily sorted and parsed into actions needed to get a PCB manufactured.”

To learn more about Pierson Workholding please visit https://piersonworkholding.com/

To learn more about OpenBOM please visit openbom.com

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