OpenBOM Onboarding Service Leads To Fast and Successful Customer Adoption (Examples of Puro Lighting, Monarch Tractors and Stone Aerospace)

Puro Lighting, Monarch Tractors and Stone Aerospace
Puro Lighting, Monarch Tractors and Stone Aerospace

Modern PLM systems change the way manufacturing companies are adopting software. Earlier this week, during the Demystifying Modern PLM online webinar we discussed the new onboarding experience that became possible thanks to new SaaS platforms, online training resources, and specialized onboarding services.  

At OpenBOM we developed a complete onboarding process that combines online questionnaires, online materials, and a series of live web meetings to help customers to start using OpenBOM more efficiently. We found it amazing to see how such an onboarding process had proven to be valuable to both long-time customers as well as new ones. Knowledge is an essential element of successful PLM system adoption. In this story, we would like to share a few recent OpenBOM onboarding stories to demonstrate how a new adoption process works in practice. 

OpenBOM annual subscriptions include a free bespoke onboarding experience dedicated to each customer’s specific needs. The experience begins with a detailed questionnaire followed by a series of live meetings specifically designed to address the specific needs of the customer.

PURO lighting

Lakewood, Colorado’s PURO Lighting recently completed OpenBOM onboarding and Mechanical Engineer Alex Wamain had this to say about the experience:

“We at PURO Lighting are very pleased with the OpenBOM onboarding experience. The training was catered for our needs and was able to touch on all the specific functions that will make our lives easier when it comes to building our database and bills of materials.”

PURO lighting is a manufacturer of disinfecting lighting technology designed to help protect people’s health and promote wellness wherever they may gather. 

As a newcomer to OpenBOM, we worked closely with their team to configure OpenBOM while making key decisions designed to improve their overall business process.

PURO Lighting’s team was prepared for the live sessions with sample data and process requirements ready to go.

“We recommend the annual subscription as the onboarding ensures all members of the team are familiar with the software and have a solid foundational knowledge. Avoiding time wasted teaching ourselves is worth the upfront cost,” says Alex.

Monarch Tractor

Monarch Tractor is based in the rich farming community of central California and is bringing innovative and healthy solutions to the farming community in the form of fully electric tractors and recently subscribed to OpenBOM to help them do it.

As the design team at Monarch was crafting a new approach to the old problem of part numbering and CAD, Hardware Engineering Lead Eddie Smith and I tailored the first onboarding sessions specifically to numbering as it was foundational to their process.

 “OpenBOM’s Solidworks CAD integration tools will help us streamline our product development process as we move towards mass production. Big thanks to Steve for his in-depth product knowledge of OpenBOM and help in getting our system properly configured to roll out to our full team”

Stone Aerospace

Now consider OpenBOM early adopters Stone Aerospace, the Texas-based company produces a line of autonomous vehicles that literally enable humans to explore other worlds.

I recently worked with Scott Lelievre, Stone Aerospace Lead Design Engineer, on specific improvements related to their OpenBOM RFQ and order processing. Scott and Stone Aerospace rely heavily on Catalogs and User Specified Team Views to enable their purchasing team to get proper visibility into their BOMs and builds.

We made a few changes that improved the lives of their buyers. It was just that simple.

“We’ve been running OpenBOM for over three years and it just works. At this point, we run the entire company on it.” ~ Scott Lelievre

OpenBOM Training Library And Onboarding Process

Training Library courses is a foundation of OpenBOM’s onboarding service. It provides a centralized space that can be used to find information about the product, best practices, and also training courses. An onboarding service is available for all OpenBOM customers. Annual company and Team subscribers are included in the subscription. For all others, you can purchase it online

Finally, if an annual subscription is not part of your OpenBOM plan at this time you still have a few options:

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