SMARTEC Leads OpenBOM Implementation For Nandan GSE To Manage A Single Multi-Discipline BOM With Autodesk And Solidworks CAD Systems

Nandan GSE
Nandan GSE

Nandan GSE delivers bespoke made-to-order innovative Aviation GSE manufacturing & Hydraulic Lifting System products on time and on budget using a variety of design tools relying on OpenBOM to bring them all together for the customer.

The team at Nandan GSE collects customer requirements and design parameters then produces a variety of design options to present to the customer, eventually selecting the best alternative in concert with the customer. The entire process is data-driven and a full understanding of the bill of materials is mandatory – at all phases of the process.

“Working through our OpenBOM certified consultant Neel SMARTEC we implemented OpenBOM in significantly less time than conventional PLM,” says Nadan GSE CEO Raghunandan Jagdish, “as such, we brought a level of organization to our build process which our customers were demanding.  It was a win-win.” 

Nandan GSE has realized the benefits of OpenBOM on several levels, both from a design standpoint and operationally.

“We use OpenBOM to bring design data from our team of more than 10 designers into a single accurate visual bill of materials which then leads a discussion with the customer,” says Design Head  Dhanesh Patil, “OpenBOM helps us understand where improvements need to be made, plan lead times and communicate the final design to the customer”. 

The Nandan team uses a variety of design tools including Dassault Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Fusion360, and others depending on the nature of the design and the customer’s requirements.

“We rely on the OpenBOM CAD integrations to extract, organize and maintain the product structure and design intent as information flows to a single multi-discipline BOM,” says Dhanesh. We worked closely with Neel SMARTEC to develop and implement the process.

The Nandan design team brings BOM data from several CAD tools and disciplines using OpenBOM’s unique ability to merge and display multi-level BOMs with a variety of individual user-defined properties. BOMs need not have all the same columns or properties to be visualized in a single view.  

The OpenBOM visual dashboard and highly configurable landing page and BOM grid allow individuals within their organization to personalize the View that is best suited for the task.  

“The Engineer may have one View of the data while the planner may have another,” says Dhanesh, “it’s all different ways of looking at the exact same set of data!”

Nandan GSE’s ability to deliver a complete design through manufacturer experience to their customers means they need to manage individual parts and assemblies from concept to the first article.  OpenBOM provides a convenient way to mark the status of an item as needed, track it through every place it is used with a single entry in a catalog.

It wasn’t that long ago that Nandan was struggling with Excel Sheets to manage BOMs, looking for multiple references to the same item, searching local drives for BOMs.

“It was a mess,” says Dhanesh. “So we sat down and did an internet search for A better Bill of Materials and found OpenBOM”. 

“We wanted to take full advantage of the OpenBOM SaaS business model and accelerated implementation so we went with an OpenBOM certified consultant who was familiar with our business model and our geographic region, we selected Neel SMARTEC, it was absolutely the best choice for us” adds CEO Raghunandan Jagdish.  “Neel SMARTEC came ready to go, they trained and onboarded our entire team with a fast, high quality, targeted, implementation plan.”

Nandan GSE CEO Jagdish summarizes OpenBOM in this way, “We are looking to OpenBOM as the long term solution for all BOM and design data. I want my designers to work on designs and OpenBOM frees them up to do just that!”

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