Shredlights uses OpenBOM to developed a set of master BOMs to define and manage combo kit configurations


San Diego California based Shredlights designs and sells innovative lighting systems to meet the needs of today’s action sports enthusiasts. Their products offer a unique product and user experience required by today’s 24/7 outdoor enthusiasts. OpenBOM is happy to be part of that experience.

For skaters the shredlights’ sleek bottom of the board design is just what they are looking for – it’s super bright, out of the way, durable, all-weather, and the lights are easily moved between boards.  In fact, all of shredlights’ systems can mount with their proprietary mount or the ubiquitous GoPro mount found on nearly every piece of extreme sporting equipment in use today!

Customer user experience, reuse, interoperability, and the image is what Shredlights Head of Product Kyle Kitzmiller is all about! That and the need to bundle a variety of user-selected options into a point-of-sale configurable combo kit is exactly where OpenBOM comes in.

According to Kyle, there was a lot of trial and error before Shredlights decided on OpenBOM. 

We love OpenBOMs ease of use and innovative features”  he goes on to say.  Especially Images. Images on the BOM is my favorite feature.

We had an inventory management system for keeping track of parts, a Shopify system to handle demand and then we struggled to synch them into something we could use to create accurate PO’s for our vendors”.

With OpenBOM we developed a set of master BOMs to define and manage our combo kit configurations.  Each with a complete set of items for that particular configuration. 

And we love thumbnail images of the BOM – that was an unexpected benefit over text-based BOMs we had been using.

Shredlights customers like that they can configure almost any combination of mounts, lights, colors, and accessories at  On the backend, Shredlights can be ready for any possibility of kit orders, create a planning BOM, and flatten with OpenBOM it to get exact item quantities.  

“Can’t do that in Excel”…… Kyle says.

OpenBOM gives us quick insight into customer demands, orders in-flight and where used what-if-ing to model potential changes ahead of time he says.

“Catalogs and item definitions play a big role in that as our business model as the contents and packaging are different depending on if we are in a D2C or B2B situation.”  

The ability to manage that with OpenBOM makes everyone at Shredlights and all of us at OpenBOM very happy.

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