OpenBOM Supports HIPEERLAB To Fight COVID19


HipeerLab grew out of a group of students at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) with the goal to help the local medical community respond as the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact their country.

The team assessed the local need and quickly settled on a 3D printer ready face shield and looked towards manufacturing. But there were many obstacles. Most obvious was the fact that most University facilities were closed due to the pandemic and there were restrictions to access to the Universities manufacturing facilities.

So…. the team improvised!

“Some of the team had 3D printers at home and there were a few shops open in town so the team built a network of home devices and went into production, says Calil Amaral, an Engineering Masters Student at UFSC.

Initially funded by donations from the community,  hipeerLab produced 700 face shields the first month then moved onto an open-source ventilator,  “We were donating to soldiers, dentists, and more,” he says.  “It was an “emergency”

As time went on, they met others doing similar things, spoke with professionals and researchers, etc, who were working and had access to more manufacturing machines.

“Soon we had laser cutters, delivery vehicles, assembly lines in people’s homes, all working together with the help of our partners including NGD, LMP, and OpenBOM”.

Once they started working on the first OxyGEN prototype, the management of all information increased significantly.

“The OpenBOM cloud architecture meant it was ready-made for such a circumstance. Together with Onshape, OpenBOM is a perfect fit!” 

“We needed a BOM solution which was fast and easy.  We had been using google sheets but moved to OpenBOM quickly once it became available to us”.

A hipeerLab team member found OpenBOM in the Onshape AppStore. 

“We contacted OpenBOM support and were quickly upgraded to a Professional Team Account at no cost to us.”

“We added users to our OpenBOM team and quickly brought others into the project,” says Calil.

“With OpenBOM it was easy to set up and make a BOM,” says Calil. “Even easier to share with the team, just click Share”.

“The visual BOM is a really big deal!  Everyone loves the thumbnail!!  The image in the BOM quickly conveys the part information and reduces time to explain which part we’re talking about.”

HipeerLab plans to expand its use of OpenBOM soon to include Vendor assignment, quoting, and parts ordering. 

OpenBOM Supports HIPEERLAB To Fight COVID19

A wonderful example of young engineers rising to meet the needs of the community and in the process, this team of Mechanical Engineering students contributed so much. 

All of us at OpenBOM are pleased to provide our products and services to them at no cost.

Well Done!

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